Saturday, December 5, 2009

Monticello Christmas Parade

Today was a bitter sweet day! Brian and I were so excited to get to go to the last Illini game of the season and even more excited to discover my dad had some connections and we were going to be inside in a luxury suite in 20 degree weather. That meant however, that our wonderful babysitter, Emma was going to have to take Alaric and Amara to the Christmas parade without us ( a big fun tradition in Monticello finishing with Santa coming in on a fire truck!).

When Alaric found out his school was going to have a float and he could ride it, he was determined to get on that float. SO, thanks to our amazing friends, The Germans, Alaric got picked up at home and dropped off at home so Emma wouldn't have to worry about two kids, got to ride the float with all his best friends, and meet the man of the month!

Here Cara German is with her two kiddos- her son, Kelton and Alaric! My girlfriend Kristy and her son Brayden were there too!

The Kairos kids and parents passed out wrapped books or stuffed animals to every single child watching the parade!
Although it was cold, the day was beautiful and everyone had so much fun!
Mara was so excited for her first Christmas parade and her bag full of goodies thrown from the floats!
As the floats returned back to their starting postition, the kids got to see all the floats return, including the firetruck with Santa. Cara told me how excited the kids were to see him ( since they didn't get to see him in the parade like the others). He came off his firetruck and went right over to the kids who were waiting for him. He was wonderful. He told the kids how big they had gotten from last year and how excited he was to return to Monticello again on Christmas Eve. The kids were OVERjoyed!!!!
Santa and Alaric share a special moment!
Alaric shows off his "stuff" and all his winter layers to Emma when he got home!
What a wonderful afternoon! The Illini lost in an amazing game we got to stay warm during and the kids had a blast at the parade because of our amazing friends and incredible babysitter!!!!

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