Sunday, December 13, 2009

German Family Cookie Making Party

Each year, our friends, The Germans, host a cookie making party for a small group of kids. Now that both of hers are old enough to have friends over doing things, the group has gotten big!

Cara put all the parents to work to get all the materials for cookies and crafts together.
While we prepared, the kids danced and sang with the almost lifesized dancing and singing Santa!
Mara made her her Nativity using stickers
There was a kindergarten table and this, the preschool table ( Mara had a seat too). Look at all the items to decorate cookies with!

Mara decorated for exactly 3 seconds and then dove right into the eating portion of the night!
Alaric was so proud of his mad frosting spreading skills!Cara at the stove, working on another cookie!

The chaotic kitchen. You can't even see the kindergarten table with 5 more kids!
Alaric makes a wreath cookie out of marshmellows and corn flakes.
Look how creative Cara was...using red hots as the berries and putting their names right on the wax paper!
The group. Mara is there. You can just see the top of her head by the couch ( she was pictured out and I don't blame her)
the party was over at 5:30 but since Bri had to work til 10, I was in no hurry to get home. We stayed another hour and let the kids watch part of a movie while we kinda cleaned up and talked. Amara was so sweet, we caught her trying to snuggle Alaric!
I have such creative friends who have wonderful events that enrich my children's lives, teach them invaluable skills like patience, cleanliness, sharing, and licking fingers and don't mind having 12 kids over at their home, instead of mine, for these super messy and fun events!
Thanks Germans for another successful party!

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