Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tea Party

Amara gave all of her aunts, cousin, and grandma's a Tea Party for Christmas...and while it was almost 5 months later, we had it today!  Mara helped with all the planning and choosing and I made it all happen.

The bows were on each chair
 The places were set, even with handmade placecards.
 The table was set using beautiful tea party items from June.
 Even tea cups were placed outside to welcome our guests
 The centerpiece was filled with sweets
 Look at this princess ( she asked me to do her hair in lots of hanging down ribbons)
 me and my sweetie!
Aunt Jen
 All the Ladies!
 Yummy food
 Mara helped me pour tea
 And V and Mara brought their dolls and stuffed animals to the party too!
 Then we worked on a craft Mara had chosen....a picture frame decorated with lots of sparkles!
 Everyone worked hard
 And the finished projects turned out great.  Amara will include a picture for each of her guests in her thankyou note so they can put in their frame.
What a weekend!  All fun stuff.   I'm exhausted!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alaric's Karate Tournament

We left the Marathon and headed straight to Monticello to get to Bubba's Karate Tournament ( nothing like adding something else to an already crazy day).  Bri gave Bubba a pep talk and reviewed a few moved before we went in
 Alaric did AMAZING!  He was so clear, was strong with his moves
 AND BROKE A BOARD!!!!  With is palm strike.  SO PROUD!
 He even thought enough to bow to Sensai before taking his board.
 Aunt Anita got to see him.  It was so fun to see the beaming pride on all the faces of the family members who were there!
 So cute!
 and so proud of himself ( this is the actual board he broke.  They turned it into a trophy for him!)
 His Sensai, who he respects and loves!
 His DoJo.

Illinois Marathon

Here were the shirts for our relay team this year!

 We started early-Brian with the first leg!
 So excited!  ( actually, I was a bit nervous-not about the run but about my feet)
 Lara and her hubs Phil were leg two!
 Then me.  I did well.  I ran 10 minute  miles which has been almost unhead of lately with my feet.  I loved all the people, the music, the fun....I didn't like the stitch in my side most of the time.  I haven't had one of those for a year.  I did it though.  It was fun!  Highlights were by far running by my parents house and seeing they had made me a sign!  SO fun!  and then running by my brother's house and seeing him and my nephew Jack.  I gave high fives and I love yous and kept moving!
 Then Anita.  She did great too!  We all joined her for the last quarter mile and ran into the stadium together.  Such a great experience to run in onto the 50 yard line of the Football field!
 Go Team Racing Home!
 Our sweeties were there cheering us on!

 Love this running family!
 Brian's parents had the kids and met us after the finish line!  SO GREAT!
 Brian and I, Anita, and her friend Betsy needed a beer on the walk back to the car.  Heaven!
There is talk of the full marathon for Bri next year and the half for Anita and I.  For now, I'm enjoying the beer!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cancer Panel

My girlfriend, Jen- who has become such an inspiration in my life and such and incredible support system for me-asked me to represent skin cancer on a cancer panel discussion at Parkland College.   I knew about it for months and had it on the calendar.  I made reference to it in a blog post.  But I didn't tell anyone.  This was my thing and I didn't want anyone to feel like they had to go....

that is until my mom called and asked if I was speaking at Parkland. She had read it in the paper.  She and dad were coming.

So off we headed today.  The kids had childcare after school and Brian met us at Parkland.

I was nervous.  We we asked to share our story in 3-5 minutes.  3-5  MINUTES!?  No way.  I can talk for 3-5 minutes about a hangnail.  

I did it though and it was great.  There were lots of people, great questions, lots of dicussion, and an incredible panel. 

Really impressed with how it was organized, how it made me feel, and so very honored to have sat next to my friend and done this.

Thanks Jen for the opportunity!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This is the torture devise I'm now wearing at night while I sleep.  A night splint.  It holds your fit in a stretched position all night long, working that fasciia-lengthening, thus- relieving pain.

Shockingly enought- its working.  My heels feel better.  My toes are numb and I want to throw the brace across the room throughout the night but I'm hanging in there. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Day with Jack

When I found out I'd have my nephew Jack for the day, I was thrilled.  When the kids found out they'd hardly get any time with him because of school, they were I pulled them out of school.

We headed to the park at the Zoo in Decatur and loved running and playing and swinging.  Amara is such a good climber too!
 then next door to the CHildren's Museum.  Little Bubba loves to try everything Big Bubba was doing.
 They didn't stand still very long but I did grab this picture.
 We played and played and explored and giggled.  Then we ate lunch and then Jack was asleep before we got back on the interstate!  What a great day!

Friday, April 20, 2012

10 Years ago today I met Brian and had a love at first sight moment.  This picture was taken that night, just moments after we met.  Brian's friend, Travis sent us this picture years after we were married.  We didn't even know the pure joy of our meeting was ever captured in such a way.
 10 years later, I'm married to the man of my dreams.  AND, I saved the dress I wore that first night.  Its been in a rubbermaid marked "skinny clothes" for 8 years.  Today I pulled it out and it fit!  Tonight we had a lovely dinner, went to the movie, and enjoyed every second of it!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Family Math Night!

Tonight was Family Math Night at the kids' school.  The theme was SMART COOKIE!  We estimated
 We did fractions on the computer
 We ate cookies
 We measured the ingredients to make cookies ( and got to bring home a Mason jar full of the ingredients!)
 And we did statistical analysis with dice and cookies to cover our numbers!
What a fun night!  I'm so glad our children go to Lincoln School!