Thursday, April 5, 2012

Busy Day full of fun!

Today is the last day of school before Easter.  And with that, I wanted to surprise the kids with a special lunch!  So- instead of rubbermaids with a sandwich and snacks and treats, they got eggs!  And they LOVED them.  I filled regular plastic eggs with grapes, ham, cheese, peanuts, crackers, fruitsnacks, and a HUG.  I loved doing it and they both loved the surprise of opening their lunchboxes and seeing the special surprise.

 It was also opening day.  No other option than to dress head to toe in CUBS gear!
 This sweet girl also had her very first dance class this afternoon at our neighbor, Danielle's house.  She was SO excited and so eager to put on her tutu and leotard!  Just Darling!  What a fun day!

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