Monday, June 29, 2009


Sitting in our neighbor's front yard after lunch today the most amazing thing happened....we heard very familiar music and then the screams ( from Staci and my mouths) " AHHHH- it's the icecream man!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sure enough it was the ice cream van playing that familiar jingle we all remember as kids. I abandoned my kids in the yard and went running for home to get money. Alaric had no idea what was going on except that everyone was cheering and yelling for icecream so he knew it had to be good. Mara really didn't know what to do.

The truck is now a modern van and the prices are bit different than I remember. I regular old popsicle- $1...a fancy swirly one...$2. Some items were up to $5. Ya know what was worth it!
Alaric picks out his pink panther bar!
Alaric and Alyssa enjoy!

Even Mara got some icecream! What a treat!


Scott and Stephanie Ryle's Home in Tolono was the location of this year's Winchester Ribfest. The weather was perfect and the tents and bouncy house were perfect for the larger crowds of kids and adults!

Those competing( Brian did NOT this year as he had to work) have to create their own recipe of BBQ sauce to present on ribs. There is even a panel of judges who take their job very seriously!

Yum- RIBS!!!

TOns of other food too!

Here are the competitors just before the annoucement of the winners.
Winner- Adam Dill and his "spiritual advisor", Will.

Cameron, Alaric, and Charlie love playing outdoors.
Baby Cindy shows off her walking skills.
Our own random family portrait before the group shots.

Our group of friends....4 new babies since our last get together!
The wives. From left...Anne Dill, Andrea Shaw, Cynthia Johnson, me, Stephanie Ryle, Heidi Eckhardt, and Tiffany Jackson
The husbands. From left....Clint Jackson, Adam Dill, Brian, Ryan Johnson, Scott Ryle, Matt Eckhardt, and Jake Shaw.
Lauren had a long day and was ready for her nap!
Is it Charlie? Is it Alaric? NO- It's Spidermen!!!!

Washers- always a favorite.
I think Alaric spent two full hours in that bouncy house. I spent 5 minutes and was exhausted.

Bri spent even less time that me. That thing is HOT! The kids never seemed to mind.
Love you, Bri!
The great thing about having it in Tolono is that it is always planned on the same weekend as Tolono Days and therefore, we finish the night with fireworks. We were able to sit in the Ryle's backyard and see them all. Look at the kiddos watching!
Ooooo....ahhhhhhhhh....what a great night! Thanks Ryles for an amazing party!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Rodeo Comes to town!

The rodeo comes to town once a year. They have a parade on Saturday that runs right down State Street.

So, Saturday morning we laid our blankets and chairs in the Offenbacks front yard and watched the parade.

Everyone throws candy so the kids were excited.

An amazing float.

Waving to the horses

Kids on the last float of the parade bouncing up and down on makeshift horses.

A new look !

Here's me last Sunday...

And this Saturday! Love the change!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another fun day off

Brian has been taking lots of days off during the week which makes me completely lose track of what day it is. Yesterday, Friday, we decided to get a bunch of things done and use a gift certificate to Cracker Barrel. We arrived at 7:30 to discover that the Country Store is a kid's paradise. Both kids had so much fun playing with all the stuff there.

Yummy- we had a delicious breakfast. Last picture of me with brown hair-see updated photos tomorrow of my new look!

Then we headed to Grammy and Papas to drop off the kids so we could go to the Verizon store without them

Grammy played with Amara's favorite toy....a rattle phone that was Grammy's when she was a baby!
After naptime-we too took two hour naps yesterday!!!- we headed to the pool. Here is Brian's first time off a highdive in 20 years. His response afterwards " it's alot higher than I remember it being"

Mar enjoys the pool.
Running around naked when we got home and getting ready to go out for Mexican Food!!!!! Splurges today made for some weight gain but we'll get back on track next week.
After Mexican, my neighbor came over and highlighted my hair. I'd been wanting to do it. IT'S REALLY blonde and I love it. I'll take pics today at our friends' ribfest and post tomorrow!

While at Grammy and Papa's we practiced walking with Mara. She took SEVEN steps! Of course that wasn't on film. Here is a tiny look at her mad walking skills. Anyday now....
In the car on the way from Cracker Barrel, Alaric was pouting cause it didn't get his way and Amara was making the funniest noises and doing some silly tricks with her feet. We just had to document.

Fun at Dan and Jen's

Thursday evening we spent at my brother and sister in law, Dan and Jen's house. We had so much fun. We went over after naptime so the kids would have lots of time to play together.

The kids ( and the adults) played dress up. Here's Veronica in her witch hat.
The men watched as the cousins battled it out.

Alaric took mommy's picture in her rocker wig!

Nothing like a little old school racing games on a hot night.

V, Alaric, and Mara spent lots of time in V's room in her stuffed animal pit!

Uncle Dan loved entertaining Mara making silly faces.
We ordered pizza and had a great time. Dan, Brian, and 3 other guys went to the 8:45 show of Transformers that night too to round out a pretty great day!

Brushing our teeth is such a treat!

We all brush our teeth together each morning. It's a fun time-really. The kids both brush away and now Amara thinks it's so cool she can use Alaric's stepstool.
Although its hard at times, Alaric has been doing a great job with sharing his stuff and his space and being patient with Amara as she learns new things.