Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cora's half birthday

Sincw our friend, Cora's birthday is December 30th, she doesn't often get the chance for a big party with friends. Her mom threw her a half birthday today. No gifts- just an opportunity for friends to get together and play and eat some creative snacks that were in half.

The kids played a game where they had half a butterfly on a string on their back and they had to ask their friends what color their's was until they found their match.
Kristy and her son, Ethan were partners!
Alaric and Cole were so excited to be partners!
Watermelon, Cantelope, Half Pizzas, and half a cake was snack!
Cora's new play structure was the biggest hit of all!
Very creative and very fun!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Al's last T-Ball Game!

Tonight was Alaric's last T-Ball Game. It was great. I took pictures of all the kids and I loved that too.

We had both sets of grandparents and most of the neighbors ( since Alyssa and Stella are players too), including Jack and June. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a blast. As did Brian as Assistant Coach this year.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a wonderful weekend!

Today our anniversary/family weekend came to an end, fittingly- at McKinley church. We went to church together as a family and prayed for Mom and Dad opening with our congregation. The party had been at church, our family is very connected to our church, and the legacy my parents leave is deep at our church, McKinley Presbyterian.

Alaric shows his cousin, Madison, the Bechtel Family Labyrinth and they walk the passage to the cross in the middle.
We are tired, exhausted actually, Amara is sick, and we can't wait to nap but we are so filled with love and great memories from a terrific weekend!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Annual Ribfest

Each year, the weekend before Independence Day, we celebrate Ribfest with our friends. It's a Rib competition.

Here Matt, a former winner, and Brian hang by their grills
Amara and the dozens of other kids LOVE Ribfest!
Last year's winner, Adam, couldn't be there today so his wife, Anne took his place. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of her. THis year we had two women contenders!
John and Rich

All the competitors
Maddie came with me and watched my kids, and all the others, most of the evening. Amara loved her!!!
The icecream truck drove by and Alaric got a treat. He was covered in popsicle by the end.
The judges take their job very seriously

There were 10 ribs to judge
Rookie of the year- JENNY!!!!3rd place- MATT!
2nd place- JAKE!!!!
AND 1st place....DARREN!!!!!Alaric and Charlie wrestled...we were so proud that Alaric was on top and not pinned underneath, I took a picture!
The girls
The guys
What an amazing day!

Small Town Rodeo Parade

What could make an amazing anniversary weekend even better? Brunch with family at our home Saturday morning followed by Monticello's perfect little Rodeo parade. You all know I love my town but days like this when the weather is beautiful, the parade is the perfect example of our community coming together and the company is even better, you know I'm in heaven.

Auntie Doris and Alaric walk through our neighbor's yard to get to our parade spots!
Our friends and family gather on State Street
Eagle's wings soar!
Rodeo clown entertains the crowd
This lady rode on these two horses the entire parade
Maddie, Alaric, Amara, and Alyssa enjoy collecting candy!
Maddie stayed with us all afternoon and evening. The kids LOVED it ( I think Maddie did too). Here Amara gets a book read to her as she snuggles with her blanket

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ann & Dave's 40th Wedding Anniversary

Tonight was the most wonderful night for my parents, who were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, and our family!

For months, my brother and our spouses, have been planning a dinner/celebrating for my parents. After lots of planning and preparring, the day was here and everything was set and beautiful ( thanks to my sister-in-law Jen for some of the pics).

The glasses were ready for wine

The display tables were set. This is a plate that was given to my dad's parents on their 40th in 1970.

This was one of our gifts to mom and dad!

This vase was given to my mom's parents on their 40th in 1973.

This was another one of our gifts to our parents.

Display table

Favors at each place

The tables had 4 pictures as a centerpiece. Each one a picture of mom and dad, from the time they met until now. It's hard to see but the placecards we used were leftover originals from the real wedding in 1970.

Mom and Dad also had their original guest book available so people could sign in. On the left, the last page of the guest book from 1970. On the right, the first page of the 40th anniverdary celebration. Each person also wore a nametag that had a few sentences about who they were and how they were connected to mom and dad.The champagne glasses they used in 1970 that they would again use tonight to toast!

These kissing angels were a gift from their friends, The Pipers on their first wedding anniversary.

Display table

Mom and Dad ( and Auntie Doris and Cousin Maddie) arrive and kids run to them with hugs and kisses!Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

The Bechtels

Dan, Jen, and Veronica Bechtel

Brian, Katie, Alaric, and Amara Fulton

We pinned our parents with their corsages for the nightWhile Mom and Dad looked around and talked to early guests, Dan played a few songs on his saxaphone privately for mom and dad.

The kids danced

Then we showed them the display tables and their gifts

They loved everything and got emotional

Dad, and his sister Doris, laughed and caught up while they watched the children play.

Mom and Dad greeted each guest

Before the meal, Alaric surprised Grammy and Papa by leading everyone in his special prayer he learned at school.

Alaric loves his PAPA!!!

Then the accapella singing group from Urbana High School performed a few numbers just for mom and dad! They were amazing!

The Fultons, The Pipers, The Trippiedi's, and Amara!

The Cains, The Harry's, and The Purcells

Nancy Nasca, The Lucies, and Mom and DadThe Bechtels, Rev. Keith Harris, and The Kitsons
The Fultons, Doris Houser, Maddie Houser
Dan and I gave a toast
Brian served Mom and Dad Catawba juice instead of Champagne in their champagne flutes from 1970 because thats how their moms wanted it then- no alcohol!Veronica surprised Grandma and PopPop by singing the Beatles, "When I'm 64"Then Jennifer made a beautiful slideshow of 40 lessons of life and love that we watched after the toast and during dessertDad gave Mom a beautiful ruby and diamond necklace and earringsthe night concluded with Dad making remarks to the group of 30 people sharing his love for mom and their connection to each person in the room. It was such an incredible night! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

Check out these video clips too
Veronica’s Solo
The VCRs sing “My Girl”