Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving in Galesburg and Iowa City

Thanksgiving in Galesburg usually means basketball.  On Wednesday night we went to Tyler's game.  Mara loved sitting with her cousin, Katie.

 After the kids went to bed, Brian and I got to connect with some of his best friends from highschool in town for the holiday- one home from Korea!!!!  Brian, Matt, and Travis!  Loved this extra time together.

 Time with the kids means lots and lots of reading.  
 Bubba discovered Percy Jackson so this was how he was most of the weekend.
 he did play some games though
 The men cut the turkey
 and I got to watch these two cousins and now Kappa sisters connect with an initiation gift ( jealous!!)
 Mara performed a Thankgiving poem after dinner that got her huge cheers!

 and we walked off some of those potatoes!
 Mara showed Anita how to cheer and we had a great time with our family.
 Friday we headed to Iowa City for my family and the fun started all over....TURKEY with Ali and Wood
 Grandma Doris loves her grand daughter
 Lets eat ( we missed you mom and dad!!!)
 The girls did lots of art together
 And early Christmas gifts were opened too
 More games, barbies, and girl time
 and family game night too!!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Amara's Cheer Performance

Amara took part in an all afternoon cheerleader clinic on Saturday and tonight they performed at the halftime of the basketball game.  
 They really did do well.  Amara was so excited to perform

 Especially with her best friends.  Check out the video here

New seats!

Never again will I think its OK to have off white upholstery.  For 10 years! Here are the befores and afters- LOVE!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Yup, Thats My Man!

It must mean its another Movember event that he gets to look stupid at and drink lots of beer.  YUP!

Wooden People

Alaric declares this morning he needs to have something he can use in his native american village.  Something to represent indians and pilgrims.  WTF, BUBBA!?  Now- like right now?  What would it be?  a Lego dude?  A paper doll.  Then it hit me- I had wooden people.  These things are amazing!  You can make them into whatever you want.  Today- two pilgrims and an american indian.  Alaric did the work!

Happy Thanksgiving

This year's Thanksgiving treat for teachers and staff was our Apple Butter Muffins.  We've made them often this fall and they are incredible! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

6 Years of Thanksgiving with Friends

Look how we've changed and how our families have grown!

6th Annual Thanksgiving With Friends

 Happy Toddlers!
 I swear to you that having a mirror that goes all the way to the floor is the best toy for any kid of any age!
 Can you guess what was for dessert?
 Our friends this year included...
The Shaws
 The Jacksons ( we missed you Clint)
 The Myers
 The Dills
 The Johnsons
 and us
 Look at these cute girls!
Alot of kids!

 A great group of friends!