Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bathtime Fun

My precious angel

The best light is out our back sliding glass door in the early evening. I grabbed the camera and just watched her play!

I love John Deere

Alaric got John Deere stuff from his great Gram and Gramps this year. He wore it all with pride yesterday!!!

Children's Museum of Illinois

Last week was spring break and I had the three neighbor kids during the day bringing my total to FIVE KIDS!!! We tried to do fun things each day. Thursday we went to the Children's Museum of Illinois in Decatur. It was AWESOME. Thanks to Dan and Jen and Veronica who gave our family a membership for our birthdays- we will use it often!

Here Alaric and Alyssa are at the entrance.

Amara enjoyed the flower arrangement exhibit
They have an interactive grocery store. Becca loved checking out the kids purchases!

Hannah and Alaric had so much fun trying to climb to the top of this exhibit. Hannah made it. Alaric did not.

Mara spent much of the time in the front pack.
So cool that they had a car to work on. Alaric was in heaven.

They had a broadcasting exhibit too. Alyssa and Alaric loved seeing themselves on TV.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mara is OFF!!!

She's crawling...and GOD help us all! She's into everything. I know as a mother of two I should have been prepared for this but I wasn't. Alaric NEVER got into anything. He never pulled books off the shelf, never ate paper, never threw toys everywhere. When Amara started doing it, we were all shocked.

Here she is...after pulling all the magazines out of the basket next to the toilet, she pulled herself up on the toilet. Lesson learned, KEEP THE LID SHUT!!! This is seconds after I had to yell at her for picking up the toilet paper in the potty- YUCK! Look how proud she is, though.

Crawling, pulling up, and being mobile aso means injury. She thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. It's hard to see in this picture because it looks like her dimple but she has a purple bruise on the side of her face from taking one hand off the coffee table and face planting into the side.

Just hours later, she began pulling herself up in her crib after her nap. Alaric and I came in to get her. She pulled both hands off the rail to reach for us, fell sideways and headplanted into the back of the crib. She's trying to do it all at once- patience, Amara!

I needed proof of her crawling. She doesn't crawl normal but rather with her left leg under her and her right leg up and pushing her along the ground. What better way to see her technique then naked since she wont sit still anymore for that either!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Alaric's Brithday Party

Saturday was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Who knew 20 toddlers and their parents could have so much fun. THANK GOD we decided months ago to rent to community building in Monticello. We got home at 8PM Friday night and dumped everything inside our home- 14 loads of laundry, luggage, tons of birthday gifts, etc. If we would have had to have hosted, we would have been up all night. Instead we were asleep by 11PM!

Here Alaric is before the party with is construction hat, bew sweatshirt, and new toolbelt from mommy and daddy.
Mara was ready for the fun to begin too!

Here's Alaric and his friends at the playdough station. We made our homemade playdough in Galesburg. it was a hit.

My neice Veronica was so stinking cute in her John Deere hat and braids!

We created a book corner with all the constuction books he has, some pillows, and his Bob the Builder doll and Build a Bear. It was great for those who just needed some quiet time away from the craziness!

My mom created a masterpiece, as always!

The biggest hit was our swimming pool filled with seed from the nearby elevator. Brian's co-worker got it for us ( Thanks Chris). A few scoops and some dump trucks and you have hours of fun!
We dressed up as Bob the Builder and Wendy
HEre the kids are in the block corner. Thanks to Grammy and Papa, Barb from church and Aunt Jen and Uncle for letting us borrow their blocks. Another big hit.

We also had a coloring station where the kids could pick tons of different coloring sheets.

When the kids arrived, they each got their time card punched as they had lots of "work" to do! They received their personalized construction hat and got working! When they left, they had to punch out. Their favor also included play money to pay them for their hard work.

Instead of everyone bringing gifts of anykind ( since Alaric has way too many things already) we bought Alaric his very own real toolbox and asked people to bring just one item to fill the box. A flashlight, screwdriver, tape, paintbrush, wrench, etc. It was great.
We also pick a service project each year. This year, Alaric helped us decided what to do. He wanted it to have something to do with building. We decided to gather work gloves for Piatt County Habitat for Humanity!
Here most of the attenders are...the older neighbors and the babies didn't make the shot!

To get everyone quiet for ice cream and cake, we blew a whistle and said it was break time. Then I read Alaric's favorite BOB story- Bob's Birthday!
Then it was time for yummy cake and ice cream!
Here you can see how big the room was. It was ideal! Perfect actually. I imagine many more parties here- especially since it was only $35 for the WHOLE DAY!!!! Best part- Bri and I thought we'd be there all afternoon cleaning. Instead, everyone chipped in and we were turning the light out and walking out the door at 12:06!!!!!!!!!!! it was heaven!

Alaric's Birthday

Our tradition is that everyone gets breakfast in bed on their birthday. It doesn't start however until you turn 3. Alaric knew this and had been anticipating his very own breakfast in bed for weeks. When we found out we'd be in Galesburg for his birthday, I gathered all the necessary items for his special breakfast...the tray, the candle, and the rubber ducky with a birthday hat on that we all use.

His bed is on the floor at Nana and Grandpa's so that's where we had his breakfast. Usually the other, non-birthday members get to have their breakfast too. Since we had 6 others- we decided just to watch him eat and open his one gift from Brian and I and then go to the living room for the rest.

Look at that face!

From Great Gram and Gramps, he got a John Deere Hat, T-Shirt, and work gloves. Extra special since Great Gramps was a huge John Deere fan and only farmed on his JD tractor.
Alaric got a construction hat with a light AND a voice amplified microphone.
Alaric's birthday was shared with grandpa's funeral. That morning we all gathered for breakfast at The Homestead in Woodhull.

The restaurant in connected to a convienent store. Alaric was in heaven trying on glasses with Tyler and Katie.
Small world, as we were leaving the restaurant, my parents ( who had come up for the funeral) were coming in for lunch before they too headed over to the church. They were able to see everyone in the family.

A New Look

I cut off quite a bit of hair two weeks ago- needed a change! About 7 inches.
Here we are before our date night celebrating our birthdays.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My baby turns THREE!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow Alaric turns three! Because our day will be filled with the funeral and family time, I wanted to take this time to celebrate the life of Alaric! These past three years have been such a joy for Brian and I as we watched Alaric turn into the most precious, sweet little boy you've ever met.

He brings so much love into our lives and we are so bless by God to have him.

He started off as a 4 pound baby born almost 7 weeks early at Northwestern Memorial Hospital unexpectantly while Brian and I visited friends. He was in the NICU for 26 days and came home the day before Easter- 2006.
Here are pictures from the past year to watch him grow!

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy! We love you!