Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend

While many are enjoying the last official weekend of summer, the Fultons are working! Rather Brian is working. He's been working almost 60 hours a week and will work atleast 50 hours between Friday and Monday. There is a special Music Barn Fest at Allerton that has required lots of his attention, not to mention the weddings all over the park and in the mansion this weekend.

Check out these websites:

I've just been hanging out with the kids, staying busy, and trying not to go crazy.

The big news at our house is that Alaric starts preschool on Tuesday. He is so excited. Be watching for posts on how his first day goes!

Here are some recent pics to enjoy!

Alaric took is second train ride on the Monticello Railway. Alaric, Mommy, and Daddy went while Amara had the neighbors babysit!

Alaric LOVES his sister and Amara loves him!

Our favorite place in Monticello to play is Lincoln School down the street. They have the best playground!
She's so beautiful
Go OBAMA Go! Alaric spilled on his shirt at Grammy and Papa's house and had to wear Grammy's Obama is my Homeboy Shirt. Alaric loves Obama and did the "Obama Dance"

The Fultons have a BLOG

Yup, it's true! I've been wanting to do this forever but I'm so dumb when it comes to computers now was my first chance to figure it out. It will be awhile before I get used all this. I thought if Tiffany Michaels, a mother of 6 month quadruplets can blog, so can I!

I hope to update the blog as often as possible and the better I get at this the more posts you'll see. Please add us to your favorites as a bookmark and check back often!