Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow Much Fun!

We played outside with the greatest inventions for snow.....
 A snow block maker and the perfect snowball maker- amazing!  
 We had so much fun attacking Daddy when he got home from work!
 And our neighbor, D
We also got to go sledding too!  On our way there, we saw this huge swan.  What an incredible snow creation to see on the side of the road!
 We went to our friends' horse pasture to sled.  The horses were with us!  What a fun treat!

 It was great to sled with some of our Montessori friends and family!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Amara's Learning Experiences at Metamorphosis!

This week Amara challenged herself to learn some new works at school.  She asked an older child to teach her the 45 layout work.  Its  a really involved work where the child counts from 1-9,000.  Amara asked Wyatt to teach it to her and they worked for over an hour straight on it.  It was incredible to watch ( such a blessing to be able to be at school with her each day).
 While Amara and Wyatt worked, others also were engaged in their own works nearby.  When things are going as they should, everyone is working independently or in small groups at the same time, beautifully.
 They got all the way to 9,000!  Impressive!
 Part of the work ( sometimes the most important), is restoring it back to its original locations...I loved watching Mara do the clean up and taking pride in making sure it was done correctly ( wyatt observed and guided).
 Another day Mara chose to have a lesson on practicing a running stitch on a cute conversation heart sewing work.  Mara was so focused as she worked and worked ( and rethread and rethread) to get it just right.

 Look at this little girl with such self confidence in the work she does!
 Amara and her friends!

Monday, February 18, 2013

MY FEET,An Update!

Today I go in to see if the boot can come's what they look like after 11 weeks in a boot! I really couldn't be happier with the way the incisions are healing.  There is still pain and discomfort but I'm ready for the next step!

TWO SHOES!!!!!!  It'll be awhile before I can wear shoes other than these but I'm OK with that!  So happy!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Build Your Own Hotdog Bar!

As you know, we love our neighbors!  In the winter, we don't get to hang out as often.  Earlier in the week we had been at our friends house for a Mardi Gras Party so we decided we needed another get together and tonight Brian and I hosted 22 people at our house for a build your own hotdog bar.  There was tons of food and we had a great time together.  Can't wait for the weather to be nice and for Jack and June to return from Florida so we can be together most nights!

Yes, that's a bacon wrapped dog!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Amara's Christmas Present- Illini Gymnastics!

For Christmas, Amara got a trip to see the Illini Gymnasts for her thing to do away from the house.  Today was the Gym Jam at U of I!  It was even better because instead of seeing just the women, we got to see the men and women together AND we got free waterbottles and food!  It was great!
Mara was so excited!
 Go Illini!

 She couldn't stop cheering for all the athletes!
 It was really exciting.  There are so many things happening at once.  Once side of the gym had the men and the other had the women and there were 4 events going at the same time so there was never a dull moment.  Even Alaric liked it!

We will be back, for sure!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Teacher gifts this year..."You are the "raisin" I'm so happy!"  Each kid made 5 today.  So proud of Amara who wrote out all of hers by herself!

 I got to make valentines today too.  I made sparkly Kool Aid Playdough!
Breakfast:  heart pancakes, heart apples, heart sausage!
Lunch:  Heart PB & J, heart apples, heart cheese...and a heart candy)
Mara took her turn delivering her valentines to all her friends at school!

 Each child sat patiently while others delivered.  It was great!
How do you show your kids love without buying them anything or giving them sweets?  Spell out I love you in their favorite things...LEGOS!
and books!  What a fun surprise for them!
The Kid's Dinner: Grilled Cheese, Veggie, and hearts, of course!
 The kids loved sorting through all their valentines and getting cards in the mail from loved ones!  Check out our wall!
 Brian and I make cards for each other, not buy them.  He did a top 10 reasons why I love you with number one being " you are so beautiful" ( the first line he ever said to me).  Ironically, the first line of my card was the same.  We even used the same image.  True Love!
What a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Disney on Ice

Aunt Anita got us all tickets to Disney on Ice for Christmas!  The kids were so excited.  Before we went to the show, we went shopping.  No one could be happier than these two ( actually...brian and I were happy too...they spent only their own money!)
 Getting ready for the show!
 Thanks Aunt Anita for this awesome gift!
 In awe
 Mickey and Minnie!
 They told stories from many different movies and had great productions!
 it was really impressive
 It was a 2 hour show.  Mara got an ear infection while there ( literally went from a little whiney to screaming from the pain) but we survived!  It was a great day with family!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dinner Party

We had a potluck dinner party with friends tonight and it was lovely.  Brian and I made appetizers!
 Blake bartended
 And we sat at this beautiful table for hours!
 So great being able to complete thoughts and carry on conversations without the kids around!  What a wonderful group of friends!
 Here is the men's conversation about the holiday that falls on March 14th....exactly one month after the holiday focused on the women.  See if you can figure it out.