Saturday, February 16, 2013

Amara's Christmas Present- Illini Gymnastics!

For Christmas, Amara got a trip to see the Illini Gymnasts for her thing to do away from the house.  Today was the Gym Jam at U of I!  It was even better because instead of seeing just the women, we got to see the men and women together AND we got free waterbottles and food!  It was great!
Mara was so excited!
 Go Illini!

 She couldn't stop cheering for all the athletes!
 It was really exciting.  There are so many things happening at once.  Once side of the gym had the men and the other had the women and there were 4 events going at the same time so there was never a dull moment.  Even Alaric liked it!

We will be back, for sure!

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