Friday, February 22, 2013

Amara's Learning Experiences at Metamorphosis!

This week Amara challenged herself to learn some new works at school.  She asked an older child to teach her the 45 layout work.  Its  a really involved work where the child counts from 1-9,000.  Amara asked Wyatt to teach it to her and they worked for over an hour straight on it.  It was incredible to watch ( such a blessing to be able to be at school with her each day).
 While Amara and Wyatt worked, others also were engaged in their own works nearby.  When things are going as they should, everyone is working independently or in small groups at the same time, beautifully.
 They got all the way to 9,000!  Impressive!
 Part of the work ( sometimes the most important), is restoring it back to its original locations...I loved watching Mara do the clean up and taking pride in making sure it was done correctly ( wyatt observed and guided).
 Another day Mara chose to have a lesson on practicing a running stitch on a cute conversation heart sewing work.  Mara was so focused as she worked and worked ( and rethread and rethread) to get it just right.

 Look at this little girl with such self confidence in the work she does!
 Amara and her friends!

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