Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...May The Force Be With You!

This is the year of Star Wars at our home... and others too....14 kids in all had the Star Wars theme...and that's just from our small group that gathered at Lisa and Ryan's house!

The Buehnerkempers live in a new subdivision filled with tons of kids so every year they host everyone for crafts and dinner and then trick or treating in the neighborhood. It was great, as always!

Amara's favorite "big" girl is Emmerson (Emmie). And she was so excited to find out Emmie would be Princess Leia tonight too. They were inseperatable. You could even hear Mara calling after Emmie while they were trick or treating, "Emmerson!!!! Wait for me!!!"

Alaric and Kelton battle it out!

Look at these two- so precious!It is so fun being a parent and dressing up with your kids. Not only do you get lots of silly looks but you get lots of smiles and fun comments, especially from the kids who think its cool ( for now)! So, for now....we love it!

Yes, Queen Amidala does carry around a Solo cup with beer!

What a fun night as a family!

And so much candy to eat!!!!

When the Star Wars kids gathered for their picture, someone said they needed to take down's what happened to Bri!

Happy Halloween Teachers!

The kids helped me make ghost cakes with orange sprinkles mixed in.

Then they each had to write their own cards to their teachers and the Principal and secretaries that said, "Have a BOOtiful Halloween"
Everyone loved it!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Meet Annika Narree

As if our Sunday wasn't busy enough, we added one more thing and its what I was the most excited about. Our friends, The Pellums, had twins in September. Annika and Nadia. Annika has been home from the hospital for weeks and Nadia is still in the NICU getting her lungs stronger before she too gets to come home. I've been waiting for the chance to meet them and Sunday we got to meet Annika!

She's so beautiful and at almost 3 months weighs just around 7 pounds. It brought back so many memories of Alaric and having such a small baby. She's precious! Pretty much I just held her and snuggled her and looked at all her little features. Since Mara was such a colicky baby, it had been years since I got to have the undivided attention of a perfect little baby! I even offered to change her diaper before her feeding!

It was nice, too, to catch up with Josh and Julie. Thanks Pellum for having us over to meet your sweet little girl....we can't wait for the chance to meet Nadia and see the twins together!!!

GHOST Train!

Monticello Railway Museum has a Ghost Train every year. We weren't sure if we were ready for the night time Train so we went today to check it out in daylight.

Our kids love the train and we are so blessed to have it in our town.
They are like old pros when they load and unload.

We went with some friends of ours who have kids the same age. They all got along famously!

Honestly, its kinda lame....but it was fun and the kids loved looking through the windows to try and see all the things hidden in the trees and the witches and goblins!

So sweet!

After the train and the haunted car, we went and had snack and the kids got their hands or faces painted. A fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends!

It's Pumpkin Carving Time!

We raced home after the run to carve pumpkins! The kids love it!
They design their own pumpkins on paper and then Brian and I try to recreate them on pumpkins!

This year they went for simple and they turned out great!

Love you, Pumpkins!!

Allerton Park Trail Run

Every year Allerton Park hosts a 5.7 miles trail run through the beautiful trails along the Sangamon River and through the sculptures and gardens of Allerton. Brian has worked and set up for the trail run before but never ran it. Until today. Its always the last Sunday in October and therefore, often near Halloween. Its tradition to dress up. Many do. Brian didn't. Our dear friend, Anne did however!
We even saw HeMan! The costumes made it fun.

Pretty Princesses!

Go Runners, Go!


We had some time to kill since you can't go onto the trails to cheer on the runners. So we headed up to the Koi Pind and fed the fishes!

and then to the finish line to see Brian and all the other runners finish

Brian did great! We love you so much and are so proud of you!.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween at the Douglas'

Brian went home with the kids and I went to my friends' house for a party.

It was a bunch of my highschool friends I don't get to see nearly enough and I loved every second of my time with them!
Leslie, Lacie, me, and Arin! I love these girls!

We mostly stood around and talked and just caught up....until Lace got out the beer bong. No one wanted to do know me, I stepped up!

And many followed.

Thanks Lacie and Cory for hosting! What a fun night!

Trick or Treat at Presby/Trunk or Treat!!!

Each year our church hosts Trick or Treating at Presby Hall ( the residence hall connected to our church) and then Truck or Treat in the parking garage! I organize with the Family Ministry Team and the kids LOVE IT!!!

Mara couldnt wait to get her hair done, her costume on, and get out the door!

The dinner was great this year. So many people. We also incorportated a pumpkin carving contest and people voted by putting in money to cup next to the pumpkin they liked best! The one with the most money won...and all was donated to UNICEF!

Our Star Wars Family!
Queen Amidala and Darth
May the Force be With this group!

Are you kidding me? Could these girls be any cuter?Trick or Treating is my favorite part....the students are great. Its all inside. There are 7 floors of trick or treating, it goes so fast, and they decorate amazingly! HEre we are with the kids Sunday School teacher, Brigid!!!

All of the floors were impressive. Some were amazing!!! Pitch black, spooky music, etc.

Truck or Treat is a blast too. People decorate their cars and then its like an indoor tailgate. The kids go car to car getting treat and play games and do activities while parents talk and hang out. Here is my parent's van!

Dan and Jack were Star Wars people too! And V and Jen were super heroes!!! What an amazing night!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Grandparents Day at Lincoln!

Today was Grandparents Day at Lincoln School. Grammy and Papa came to have breakfast with the kids at school in the cafeteria, see their classrooms, and visit the bookfair!
They all loved it!