Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another update

What a day! What an amazing day. Its been so incredible I can't even describe it...but don't you worry- you know I'm going to write the wordiest, most dramatic blog post ever. It just has to be tomorrow. I've spent the night celebrating with family and friends and my body aches. My mind is shutting down. I have more than 20 stitches in my chest and my wound is kinda seepy ( taking out the tr...ash-not a good idea). I feel like a hole was cut into my chest and tissue was dug out and then someone sat on me and then sewed me back together. Oh wait, that happened. I'm doing good. Actually great. I'm so blessed and so happy and so relieved. I'm sleeping til I can sleep no more and hoping for less pain and continued blissfulness tomorrow. Please know I am counting my blessings tonight and am so grateful for each of you and your wishes and love.

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