Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...May The Force Be With You!

This is the year of Star Wars at our home... and others too....14 kids in all had the Star Wars theme...and that's just from our small group that gathered at Lisa and Ryan's house!

The Buehnerkempers live in a new subdivision filled with tons of kids so every year they host everyone for crafts and dinner and then trick or treating in the neighborhood. It was great, as always!

Amara's favorite "big" girl is Emmerson (Emmie). And she was so excited to find out Emmie would be Princess Leia tonight too. They were inseperatable. You could even hear Mara calling after Emmie while they were trick or treating, "Emmerson!!!! Wait for me!!!"

Alaric and Kelton battle it out!

Look at these two- so precious!It is so fun being a parent and dressing up with your kids. Not only do you get lots of silly looks but you get lots of smiles and fun comments, especially from the kids who think its cool ( for now)! So, for now....we love it!

Yes, Queen Amidala does carry around a Solo cup with beer!

What a fun night as a family!

And so much candy to eat!!!!

When the Star Wars kids gathered for their picture, someone said they needed to take down's what happened to Bri!


Liz said...

That's me yelling "easy"...I felt so bad for Brian-he was looking a little overly taken down. :)

Jenny Murray said...

Well done Fultons!