Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bubba's Surgery is TODAY at 11AM

We are anxious. Nervous. Concerned. While the surgery is routine ( read about the details behind his surgery here ), he's our baby. Its his privates. He's under general Anesthesia. We worry about the recovery. The pain. No one wants to see their baby in agony and we've been prepared it could be.

We've been preparing Alaric for going to the hospital. Reading lots of books, saying lots of prayers, answering lots of questions, watching movies about characters in the hospital. He is our sensative child. He needs to be reassured often. He needs every question answered with care and patience ( even when he's asked the same question a dozen times).

He told me that I could talk to people about the surgery but he wanted to be there...he wanted to hear everything I had to say. I told my best friend that comment and her response, "he is definately your child!"

Even with a new health struggle and all our family has faced in the past few months, we are able to find great blessings....our dear friend and old neighbor, Lori, is a post-op nurse. She was able to answer a thousand questions for me and to even talk to Bubba about it. Most importantly, she told Bubba he could bring his blankie and his loved "puppy" into surgery with him. She scheduled herself to be his post-op nurse that day at Carle too! AND, one of our biggest anxieties was the short period of time when he leaves his pre-op room and is wheeled down to surgery before he is put under. He'll be without us. Lori agreed to walk him down to surgery so he will have someone he knows with him all the time. She will be the first person he sees when he wakes up too. She is our angel. Thanks, Lori!!

In order for us to best focus on Alaric getting home from the hospital and healing, we are having Mara go visit Brian's parents for a few days. This way we know she is getting the best care and tons of attention and we can get Al back on track and not scare or neglect her in the process.

So, pray for Alaric. Pray for his surgeon and the procedure and pray for little Bubba's recovery.

We'll keep you updated on his progress here.


Liz said...

You will ALL be the real INCREDIBLE'S today!! You tell Bubba we are thinking about him and can't wait to hear all about his adventure. We are thinking about you all today!!

Jill said...

Thinking of you today-hope all is going well-the second graders prayed for Alaric today. Love, Jill