Monday, October 10, 2011

Can We Get a Break? Seriously!

So, Alaric had a Urology appointment Friday afternoon that had been scheduled for 2 months, before my surgery had been set for the day prior.

I was in too much pain to go so Brian brought Alaric and Amara to the appointment.

Why Urology you may ask? At his Kindergarten physical in August, the nurse practioner noticed that Bubba's little pee hole looked to be in the wrong place and wanted to refer us to Urology.

Sure enough, Friday we learned he has a condition called Hypospadias and its basically means the opening to the urethra is on the underside instead of in the middle. Sadly, he was born this way and it took us 5 years to figure it out. Nothing we could have done to prevent it, nothing we can do about it now. But, it needs to be fixed.

So, he will have surgery , called Meatal Advancement and Glanuloplasty Hypospadias Repair(MAGPI), on November 2nd. He will be under general aanesthesia for 90 minutes-3 hours to repair the urethra.

We are scared and overwhelmed and really just exhausted by this. We have been in a continuous medical crisis pretty consistantly for the past year and a half. We need a break. We DESERVE a break!


The Buehnerkemper Family said...

Oh NO! Geez, you guys really can't get a break! Wow! Let me know if you need anything! I hope you're feeling better today! Love ya!

Jill said...

All I can say is that stinks!!

Liz said...

Poor little guy.... Im sorry Katie-at least this may be the storm with some brighter sky's on the horizon after this. Good Luck guys!!