Monday, August 30, 2010

Mommy n Me back in action!

After a small break as we got back into the swing of school for Alaric, Mara and I have started Mommy N Me time again. Today we made a pasta necklace. She was so excited.
And focused while she colored and strung the pasta

Ta Da!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chicago Fun!

We went to Chicago yesterday! Our purpose was to attend Brian's best friend's couple's BBQ but we also had a great time with Brian's sister, Anita!

We went to Portillos for lunch-yum!

While we went to the party, Aunt Anita took the kids to the Lincoln Park Zoo with some girlfriends then back to her house for dinner and playtime. They too had a blast!
Anthony and Maria are getting married in November in Philladephia
Brian always ends up wearing a matching outfit with someone!
The guys
The girls- Lily the dog too!Us with our friends!

What fun it was! We are headed back up to Chicago this weekend for Fulton family birthdays!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Veronica's a Big Sister!

We had a special gift just for Veronica today- her very own BIG SISTER brag book! We drove to Grammy and Papa's house to give it to her before we headed to the hospital to see Dan and Jen. She loved it. Grammy knew about it and already had pictures printed so she could put them in her book right away.
Al brought his too so he could show her that he was a Big Brother and that he carried his brag book with him. After Mara was born, he carried his brag book to lots of random places showing people his new baby. Then it ended up in his backpack so he could show friends at school. When he got a new bookbag just a week or so ago, I went to his old one and sure enough- there was his brag book. Such sweet memories!

V thanked her cousins for such a fun gift!

A great year!!

I made gifts for Alaric's teachers, principal and secretaries today. I stole the idea from a mom at St. Matts who did the same. It's a water bottle with a pocket on the outside with an on-the go drink mix and Alaric's favorite candy. Alaric loved helping me make them and the teachers thought they were great! It was fun!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

This week's health update

I'm doing good. After my doctor's appointment last week, we headed to the health food store and bought all my new vitamins and lip products and natural toothpaste and got started! Oddly, the next few days were the worst I had ever had with my mouth and I really struggled, had some depressing moments, and just tried to hold on to hope that things would get better. They have!

While I'm still suffering from weird chapped lips and burning mouth, my mouth sores are getting better and the peeling and cracking and pain has subsided.

My doctor, not her nurse called on Monday with 3 of my 4 blood test results and I got nervous as I didn't think I would hear directly from her. My vitamin B12 results were alittle high but still in the normal range. My Inflammation test was normal therefore taking Rhumetoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia off the table and really Lichen Planus as well.

My vitamin D was very low- "significantly" as Dr. said. Normal levels are around 100 and mine is 31. She said she was suprised I wasn't feeling worse overall that I am. While the symtoms I am having are not common to normal Vitamin D deficiancy- it all could be related and could be part of the trigger that got this weird auto immune/nerve disorder started.

Anyway- I had started a 5000 unit a day regime already of Vitamin D ( and that was more than the normal 1000 you get at all drug stores). Dr. Marty has decided to put me on a very high dose of vitamin D for 8 weeks- 100,000 units a week. The pharmacies around here don't even make any dose higher than 20,000 so I've been reffered to a very well known Pharmacist in this area that makes his own meds. He's making me a 50,000 unit pill I can take twice a week for 8 weeks and then once a week for 4 more weeks before a recheck in 3 months.

Sadly, the news of a vitamin deficiency made me happy. I just knew something else internally had to be going on and while I understand that this may not be my answer- it allows me to really DO something instead of just treat a condition blindly. Dr. Marty asked me to talk in depth with Doug, my pharmacist about what sort of symptoms he's seen with Vitamin D deficiency and also burning mouth. We'll see what he says.

I'm hanging in there. Some good days some bad. Today I'm good and I'm trying to focus on that. God only gives us what we can handle and I have faith in that.

I have my follow up with Dr. Marty next Tuesday!

Jack Rollins Bechtel has arrived!!!

I'm an aunt...AGAIN!!!! My brother and his wife just had their second child, a son yesterday!!!!!!!!! Jack Rollins Bechtel arrived at 5:12 AM. He was 18 inches long, weighed 5 pounds 13.6 ounces and is beautiful!!!!

He was 6 weeks early and after a difficult pregnancy told his mom and dad and the world that he was ready to make his debut.

He's in the NICU right now but doing amazing! He is on monitors making sure he has no Bradycardias ( heart rate drops) and taking some antibiotics while he learns and practices to suck and swallow and learn to eat but he is such a champion and really is thriving.

The NICU has a strict policy on visitor, only allowing 4 people total to visit during his entire stay. So- all the grandparents got to go visit and I made sure my mom brought my camera so I could get my "jack" fix!

He's so beautiful and I can't wait to get my hands on him! Congratulations Dan, Jen, and Big Sister Veronica!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sticker shock

We got some free stickers in the mail today so I gave the sheet to Mara and walked away. I went into her room after I noticed she had been quiet for an extra long time to find her sitting on her brothers bed SO EXCITED that she had removed every single sticker and put them on her shirt! Too cute not to share with you all!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

North North Charter's Annual Block Party

Welcome to Jack and June's yard for our annual North North Charter Block Party. This is some North Charter Porch Punch made just for this occasion!
The day was filled with art projects
Sitting around talking and playing bags and ladder horseshoes. We played group games, had a bouncehouse, and did some things for just the kids. Mostly, we enjoyed our time together.
My dear friend, and next door neighbor,Staci!
Tons of delicious food!
The kids went on a scavenger hunt. Instead of looking for specific items, they had to go all over the neighborhood trying to spot strawberry pieces of paper I had hid in all of our yards. Each big kid was on a team with a little kid. They loved it. Becca helped Amara look through the garden for strawberries.
Sylvia found one on the playstructure
And Alaric found one floating in the pool!
Katlyn and Hannah were so great with Sylvia and Alaric
The bouncehouse is always a big hit!
Some of the little ones
The big kids!
June got out her red fabric tube that she used to use as a special ed teacher to strenghten upper body muscles and challenged everyone to take a turn trying to get through the tube. Easier said than done. Here Katlyn makes her way through
Alaric, who was scared to death to try two years ago- Rallied and was amazing!
If a kid feels comfortable, you can pick up the tube and swing it. Alaric and Alyssa were light enough we could do that with them.
We had a blast- as always with our beloved neighbors! Another successful block party. Jack, June, and Mary got lots of hugs and kisses from everyone. God we are blessed!
Video from the red tube and our group balloon stomping game!

A Pirate's Party!

Yesterday was Cole's 4th birthday party and it was a Pirate's theme! Adults got to come too and we all had a wonderful time eating, drinking, making Pirate noises and being together with great friends!
Alaric and Amara loved getting dresses up.
Since The Sowinski's already had a pirate ship play structure in the back yard- their home was easy to covert into a pirate's haven!
Amara's attempt at a pinata
The pinata had a treasure map inside and they went on a hunt all over the yard.
Nolan and Amara loved showing over their pirate garb!
Ahoy Matee's
Could this little boy be happier?
Even Baby Logan participated ( check out his awesome shirt!)
After everyone left, The Fultons stayed super late and let our kids destroy the house while we sat at the kitchen table and proceeded to drink every alcoholic beverage in their home. It was rediculous and we paid for it today but it was a blast...Brian Sowinski even decided to change shirts so he and Brian Fulton could be twins!
Kathy and I just watched the boys and laughed...actually I drank! Kathy didn't. Good choice Kathy as I felt like death this morning!
It was the most creative party I have been to and was such a blast!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A New Room!!!!

A week ago, we sold Amara's nursery furniture on Craigs List WAY faster than we anticipated or even hoped for. The kids were left with no furniture and we had no time. But- we've pulled things together this week- done some shopping, driving, and moving of stuff to get it all together and today was NEW ROOM DAY!!!

This is what the kids' room looked like the morning. Mara has been in a pack n play all week.
Alaric was SO excited to get a new big boy bed!
Each of the kids got to help put together their own bed with Daddy!
New beds and matresses and bedding. New night stands. New dresser! New Room! The kids were so excited.
Each kid got to pick their own pillowcase too. Mara has Sesame Street and Alaric has Spiderman, Ironman, and Captain America. They both couldn't wait to take their nap today.

They are both asleep now! We gave Mara a stern talking to about leaving her bed. We'll see how she does tonight or tomorrow morning. We are all really glad that the kids room is done and that they love it so much!