Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Our neighbors get into the spirit too!  Check out The Millers
 and The Robinsons!
 Beware of Hook!
 We had to dress with lots of layers tonight and we were still frozen by the end of the night.  But we always have fun trick or treating in the busiest subdivision in town and then back to State Street!
 We sorted and classified candy while Mara did a nebulizer....seldom do we have an outdoor event where one of our kids doesn't have an asthma attack- sigh....
 The kids were so excited to come home and be the ones to answer the door.  We only had one group come to the door...lucky group- they got HANDFULS of candy!

Happy Halloween Teachers

No Tricks, Just Treats for our teachers to say thanks and Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We had great intentions of carving pumpkins days ago but we've been very busy this week ( can you tell by the blog posts?)  Pumpkin carving is always fun at The Fultons.  It was too cold to do it outside tonight so we sat on the kitchen floor with beers and juice boxes and got to work.  Alaric and Bri created an Angry Bird Pumpkin
 And Amara and I created a girly girl one...with earrings and lipstick too! We made a family "cat" one also.
 They were so proud of their work!
 Not bad, if I do say so myself!

Fall at Montessori

So much is going on this fall at Metamorphosis!  Scrubbing a pumpkin
 Doing leaf printing

 Polishing a pumpkin
 Learning how to scrub and peel and serve a carrot and more!
 We carved a pumpkin together and each child participated in the cleaning....check out Amara's face!  ( she didn't dig in)
 We also had my first cooking meal with the kids....instead of bringing lunches, we cook together and eat together.  While I have cooked with large groups of kids before at the after school program at St. Matt's- it had been awhile.  I was sweating!!!  Its tough work having kids help you!  We had a beautiful harvest lunch and the kids helped with everything.  Here Mara and others take wrappers off caramels for the apple dip
 This wasn't part of the feast but I love that the kids can just go fry themselves an egg!
 Jurnee scrubs an apple for us!
 And when it was all over, we had a feast of mashed squash, corn, buttered rolls and apples with caramel!  YUM!
 Look at these happy faces!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Grandma Nelson Turns 80!

Great Gram and her Greats!  She's a pretty hot mama for EIGHTY!!!
 Grands and Greats ( and one outlaw)
 Grandma's kids hosted a simple open house with cake and punch.  It was really nice
 They literally lined up to visit with her and 4 of her 5 kids!
 The outlaws hosted the food so their spouses could work the line...doesn't this group just look like trouble?!
 It was really nice to get to visit with family and friends and honor Gram
 We headed across town to the cemetery to see Great Gramp's grave.  Bubba hadn't been there since the funeral.  It was emotional and sweet ( Adrian had been out there earlier in the day and gave Grandpa a corn husk instead of flowers....seems fitting)
So glad to have been part of the special day!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dawg Gets Married

Today we went to the wedding of Brian's best friend, Matt ( we call him Dawg).  He had a beautiful outdoor wedding.  It was probably the shortest wedding I've ever been to...about 10 minutes but it was lovely!
 Brian got to reconnect with some dear highschool friends
 And of course, we got to be together- we love weddings!
 Brian got to celebrate with his best friend too
 Prom photo
 and just silliness!
 Dawg's niece was one of my preschool students 13 years ago!  She's 16 now!!!!GORGEOUS TOO!
 Matt's wife, Katie did so much of the wedding herself and made it incredibly intimate.  Check out this gorgeous guest book!  We put our fingerprints on their tree with our signatures next to it
 Darling signs and homemade centerpieces made it extra special

 But really, just getting the chance to hang out with some of our favorite people was enough!  Congrats Katie and Matt!

Friday, October 26, 2012

5th Annual Trick or Treat at Presby Hall and Trunk or Treat

For the past 5 years, I have co-hosted McKinley's Trick or Treat/Trunk or Treat event with Pastor Keith!  By this time, its almost running itself.  There is still lots to be done but there was very little stress involved and I'm so grateful- this was one busy ass week!

We unveiled our themed costumes here....The Peter Pan Family!  It was really well received!
 During the fellowship dinner, there were amazing carved pumpkins you could vote on!  My favorite!
 We gathered for dinner with the college students- always so much fun!
 Olivia and Amara loved being Tinkerbell!
 Off to trick or treat at the Residence Hall.  All the children went door to door to collect candy from the college students who were home.  SO FUN!
 Lots and lots of McKinley kids and guests make this event a priority at Halloween!
 Then on to Trunk or Treat!  What fun!  And Grammy and Papa came too.  It was their first real event out of the house with mom's oxygen!  She did amazing and the kids loved having them there.
 so many fun and simple games for the kids to play!
 our station is usually a pit stop of snacks and drink but last minute I threw solo cups in for pyramid stacking. It ended up being a HUGE hit- who knew!
 Dozens of children and families enjoyed the enclosed event!
 Biggest hit....the newcomers, Jodi and Julie!  They turned thir VW camper into a gypsy van and read fortunes.  The kids lined up
 just for the chance to have gypsy jodi read their fortune with her glass ball. SO COOL!
 I love this event because McKinlians of all ages get involved.
 Captain Hook and Peter Pan came eat candy!  What a wonderful night!