Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall at Montessori

So much is going on this fall at Metamorphosis!  Scrubbing a pumpkin
 Doing leaf printing

 Polishing a pumpkin
 Learning how to scrub and peel and serve a carrot and more!
 We carved a pumpkin together and each child participated in the cleaning....check out Amara's face!  ( she didn't dig in)
 We also had my first cooking meal with the kids....instead of bringing lunches, we cook together and eat together.  While I have cooked with large groups of kids before at the after school program at St. Matt's- it had been awhile.  I was sweating!!!  Its tough work having kids help you!  We had a beautiful harvest lunch and the kids helped with everything.  Here Mara and others take wrappers off caramels for the apple dip
 This wasn't part of the feast but I love that the kids can just go fry themselves an egg!
 Jurnee scrubs an apple for us!
 And when it was all over, we had a feast of mashed squash, corn, buttered rolls and apples with caramel!  YUM!
 Look at these happy faces!

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