Friday, October 26, 2012

5th Annual Trick or Treat at Presby Hall and Trunk or Treat

For the past 5 years, I have co-hosted McKinley's Trick or Treat/Trunk or Treat event with Pastor Keith!  By this time, its almost running itself.  There is still lots to be done but there was very little stress involved and I'm so grateful- this was one busy ass week!

We unveiled our themed costumes here....The Peter Pan Family!  It was really well received!
 During the fellowship dinner, there were amazing carved pumpkins you could vote on!  My favorite!
 We gathered for dinner with the college students- always so much fun!
 Olivia and Amara loved being Tinkerbell!
 Off to trick or treat at the Residence Hall.  All the children went door to door to collect candy from the college students who were home.  SO FUN!
 Lots and lots of McKinley kids and guests make this event a priority at Halloween!
 Then on to Trunk or Treat!  What fun!  And Grammy and Papa came too.  It was their first real event out of the house with mom's oxygen!  She did amazing and the kids loved having them there.
 so many fun and simple games for the kids to play!
 our station is usually a pit stop of snacks and drink but last minute I threw solo cups in for pyramid stacking. It ended up being a HUGE hit- who knew!
 Dozens of children and families enjoyed the enclosed event!
 Biggest hit....the newcomers, Jodi and Julie!  They turned thir VW camper into a gypsy van and read fortunes.  The kids lined up
 just for the chance to have gypsy jodi read their fortune with her glass ball. SO COOL!
 I love this event because McKinlians of all ages get involved.
 Captain Hook and Peter Pan came eat candy!  What a wonderful night!

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