Sunday, October 14, 2012

Luke & Alecia's Roaring 20's Wedding

What a wonderful weekend it was....celebrating family and the love of Brian's cousin Luke and his wife Alecia!Not to mention how much fun it was to see everyone dressed up in the roaring 20s theme!
 Brian and I were the reception hosts so we got things set up.  Brian had to bartend for the first part of the reception.
 I just had to greet and drink! 
 The Hennenfents!
 It was great to be with our family!
 And Brian with his cousins!
 The night was filled with TONS of laughing
 lots of dancing,and so much fun!
 One of the sweetest moments of the night was witnessing Grandma Hennenfent announce she was leaving.  She has 10 ( maybe 11) children of her own and dozens and dozens of grandchildren, most of whom were at the wedding.  The family members, heavy on the men, waited in line- patiently...for a LONG time to give their mom/ grandma a kiss goodbye.  It was so precious to witness.
 With all the fun, I must assure you- we never lost sight of the incredible amount of love in that room.  So wonderful!

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