Sunday, October 28, 2012

Grandma Nelson Turns 80!

Great Gram and her Greats!  She's a pretty hot mama for EIGHTY!!!
 Grands and Greats ( and one outlaw)
 Grandma's kids hosted a simple open house with cake and punch.  It was really nice
 They literally lined up to visit with her and 4 of her 5 kids!
 The outlaws hosted the food so their spouses could work the line...doesn't this group just look like trouble?!
 It was really nice to get to visit with family and friends and honor Gram
 We headed across town to the cemetery to see Great Gramp's grave.  Bubba hadn't been there since the funeral.  It was emotional and sweet ( Adrian had been out there earlier in the day and gave Grandpa a corn husk instead of flowers....seems fitting)
So glad to have been part of the special day!

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