Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Wiffle Ball Tournament!

Each Memorial Day weekend, we spend Sunday afternoon at our good friends, The Dill's house. They host an annual Wiffleball Tournament with all their friends and it's a blast.

Alaric and Charlie Dill get the bats ready!
Cynthia, the Prom Queen, throws out the first pitch to get the festivities started.
8 teams played in the tournament. Adam ( The Comissioner) and Brian talk strategy!
Alaric talks baseball and other things with Rob Collins from the Channel 3 News. Alaric is good friends with Rob since he's been on TV and everything!
Amara never played a day in her life in a playpen....that is until you put the playpen out in the yard at a baseball game with 30 kids around and only other kid who wants in. She loved it!
The kids try to organize their own game.
The baseball field and spectators

Mara tried to bat
While Mara swung on the swingset, she watched Daddy out in the field kick butt!

We love the Wiffleball Tournament! Thanks Dills for another great event!

Happy Birthday, Mara!

Breakfast in bed in the Fulton tradition however it doesn't start until you are 3 and in a bed. So this morning we came in with a candle and sang to Mara and gave her the birthday rubber duckie each of us gets on our breakfast tray. We woke her up and she was so excited to see us!
Look at this angel....yup- this is what she looks like every morning. She gets her good looks from me!She opened her gift from us
Got dressed and read books with daddy, had breakfast out at Red Wheel,
and came home for a special treat of blowing up the air mattress and watching UP together.
We had popcorn and cupcakes for lunch before taking long naps for our big afternoon ahead.
Happy Birthday, Amara!

Saturday at the Lake House

Our neighbors have a lake house at Lake Mattoon and when they extended the invitation to spend Saturday at their lake to celebrate Stella's birthday, we jumped at the chance. We were all so excited to be away on the most beautiful Memorial Day Saturday!

Alaric and Stella get ready to get on the boat.
Sylvia gets ready too
The children were wonderful on the boat- the life preservers, the water- everything!
Sippy Cups and Beer= heaven!
Alaric was SO excited to be on the boat- he could hardly contain himself
Look at the perfect weather we had ( oh, and the cute guy in the picture too)
Sarah and Sylvia were so relaxed, they even tried to take a catnap!The kids rotated on the boat to be with all the different adults.
Right across from the Miller's house there is a sandbar area where the water is only a few feet deep. We threw our anchor in and played in the water some.

Not all of us got in all the time. Stella and Alaric manned the boat for awhile too. They also served as beer fetchers when needed.

Happy Fifth Birthday, Stella!
The Miller's Lakehouse!
Amara, who hardly ever goes to anyone but me and Brian, loves Matt. She snuggled with him for a few minutes and pointed out every boat that passed by!
We hung out for awhile, had an amazing dinner with the Miller's family, opened gifts, and then decided to get on the boat one more time before we had to leave.
Less kids with us this time ( The Miller girls wanted to watch a movie but the Fulton kids were desperate to get back on the boat), we were able put the tube on the water.
Brian was awesome

Sarah was the best though. Matt kept trying to throw her off but she held on and was a rock star the whole time!
We watched the sunset from the boat and I got to snuggle with each of my babies!
Millers...thanks for an awesome day on the lake! You have a beautiful home and were amazing hosts to us. Thanks for making our weekend extra special!

Summer Fun has begun!

Baking dozens and dozens of cookies!
Nothing better than the batter
or maybe a bath with your cousin after tons of fun in the dirt and sand
or perhaps being able to run off the deck and land in a kid pool while having a BBQ at the Sowinski's house.
Let the good times roll!

Happy Second Birthday Amara Christine

Amara Christine Fulton was born May 30, 2008 at 7:28AM
Here she is this past year....

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Amara Christine- we love you so much! Happy Birthday!