Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Wiffle Ball Tournament!

Each Memorial Day weekend, we spend Sunday afternoon at our good friends, The Dill's house. They host an annual Wiffleball Tournament with all their friends and it's a blast.

Alaric and Charlie Dill get the bats ready!
Cynthia, the Prom Queen, throws out the first pitch to get the festivities started.
8 teams played in the tournament. Adam ( The Comissioner) and Brian talk strategy!
Alaric talks baseball and other things with Rob Collins from the Channel 3 News. Alaric is good friends with Rob since he's been on TV and everything!
Amara never played a day in her life in a playpen....that is until you put the playpen out in the yard at a baseball game with 30 kids around and only other kid who wants in. She loved it!
The kids try to organize their own game.
The baseball field and spectators

Mara tried to bat
While Mara swung on the swingset, she watched Daddy out in the field kick butt!

We love the Wiffleball Tournament! Thanks Dills for another great event!

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