Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Poor Feet!

I know, I know- you don't want to hear about my feet again but when you've been struggling with something for over a year and the pain is debilitating at times, its all consuming.  I'm still being beaten up 3 times a week at Physical Therapy but the results are minimal.  Today my therapist tried Kiniseo tape. To encourage the lengthening of the tendon and assist in taking some pressure off my bunion.  I really like the way it feels.  And Alaric and Amara love the color!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Weekend with Jack and V

We got the chance to have my neice and nephew, Veronica and Jack for two days. Mara and Bubba were thrilled! Since it was Monticello Spring Break, we went with other friends to Allerton Park for a day of running and playing and picnicing and more. It was wet but the kids didn't mind-they loved every second of it! Especially the mazes. I think Jack could have spent hours here.
Look at these sweeties in the Sunken Gardens!

Our spirited group!


We were chilled and muddy when we got home. What better solution than to put 4 kids under the age of 6 in the same small tub together. they LOVED it! They played and played and splashed while I scrubbed and washed and conditioned. Baths. Done!

These two are incredibly well trained with thier camera poses!

These two...not so much....but so damn cute!

After dinner we went for a walk around the block...which turned into a walk down the street, which ended us at Dairy Queen. YUM! The kids were so excited. They ate and ran around the square and helped Jack go up and down stairs over and over and held hands and giggled. Sweet Angels. So glad they get along so well!Pajama Party!!!

The next morning was bicycle riding

and more bicycle riding...until Dan and Jen came to get them!

And after naps ( which we all desperately needed...there are reasons why I never wanted more than 2), we did a training run for Bubba's 5K!

Such a fun weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flying Dog Beer Tasting

As you all know, Brian and I much prefer to give things to do as gifts as opposed to things. And we prefer to receive that way as well...Dan and Jen know that so this year for our birthdays, they asked us to come over and share a Beer Dinner with them. All the courses has Flying Dog beer in them and each one was paired with a different Flying Dog beer.

it was amazing.

Dan had been working all week to get it organized and all get doing the prep. Well worth the work. Brian and I sat back and enjoyed each of the tremendous courses, each plated like they were on Top Chef and each delicious enough to share with royalty- really- that good. Asking for the recipe on all of them and would love to share with you!

The menu ( I got sauce on it 2 seconds after I got it)
Course #1: Mixed Greens with strawberries, blueberries, candied walnuts, and goat cheese crumbles. Served with Old Scratch Amber Lager Balsamic Vinegarette and paired with Old Scratch Amber Lager Beer

So pretty...I licked the plate! Goat cheese on anything is heaven!

Course #2: Grilled sausage. Jicama and Apple Slaw. Served with IPA Apricot Mustard. Paired with Snake Dog IPA

The sausage was incredible as was the mustard. Everything tastes better paired with beer!

Course #3: Grilled ground turkey skewers ( which he ended up turning into meatballs), couscous salad, hefeweizen tzatziki sauce. Paired with In Heat Wheat!

Loved the couscous! Couldn't get enough ( and the portions were HUGE) the sauce was amazing too!

Course #4: Chocolate Porter Cupcakes with a rasberry drizzle. Paired with Gonzo Imperial Porter.

TO DIE FOR! The picture doesn't do it justice. And honestly, the overall look didn't either. it had this crumble on top which kinda made the cupcake look dry but it was incredibly rich and moist and the crumbles were awesome. The rasberry drizzle made it even better and I could have had 4. I had 2 instead. And I LOVE porters!

Coursed meals are amazing because you sit around for 2 hours talking and anticipating your next course and its so fun! Catching up with Dan and Jen with NO KIDS made it even sweeter!

Thanks Dan and Jen!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Dinner in The Driveway!

often times in the summer, around dinner time, you'll find us at the neighbors having happy hour and trying to pull food from our fridges so we can all eat together. We've already done that once this spring.

Other times, you might find us in our driveway- folding table and chairs out having an actual sit-down meal together. Perhaps because Jack and June are gone. Or maybe because we are working on a project in the yard, or just so we can all be at one table. Today was one of those days.

Our first dinner in the driveway. The men were working on the garden. The kids were playing in the yard. it was time to eat. It was a fridge/freezer clearing night. AND I LOVED IT! I've never seen 87 degrees in March before but I'm not complaining. I'm loving the jumpstart its giving the neighbors to be together!

Our Donations for God's Littlest Angels

For Alaric's Birthday, we collected school supplies for GodsLittlestAngels Orphanage in Haiti. His sweet friends did such a great job! Look at all they collected!

Today we dropped it off at our friends' house. They travel to Haiti throughout the year on Missions. Alaric loved showing Melissa each thing in the bag and then explaining everything they did at his party!

Thanks Tim and Melissa Parker for the work you do at Gods Littlest Angels and for making our sweet boy's idea for a service project a reality!

Proud little boy and two VERY proud parents!

Date with Grammy and Papa!

Each year for the kids birthdays, Grammy and Papa give something to DO with their grandkid alone. This year, Alaric wanted to have a lunch alone and then a trip to Toys R Us.

He loves this day and had been looking forward to it all day. They went out for Mexican- his favorite...and then he got to choose two Lego kits. Lucky Boy! Lucky Grammy and Papa!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alaric's Birthday!

happy 6th birthday, Bubba!!!

Spiderman Shaving Kit

Episode 4,5,6 and bonus DVD of Star Wars- his collection is complete!

Look how much I've grown in one year!!! More than 4 inches!

Shaving with daddy!

Although our kids often do get a store bought gift for their birthday, we also give them the gift of memories. We try and DO things together on their birthdays. This year we headed to Miller park Zoo in Bloomington. It was amazing! Really. I'm not sure who loved it more, the kids or us. It was incredible. I can't believe its open year round and has so many different animals for central il.Our shadow family!Eaglesme and my big boy!

The sea lion was amazing- worth the trip just for this!

The boys!

Red Panda

These frogs were so beautiful!

I SWEAR I didn't ask them to do this. Snuck up behind them as they were watching the monkeys!So glad my kids love each other, for now!

My everything!

The animal carousel was fun!

Then we surprised Bubba with a trip to Chuck E Cheese

We all had a blast playing gamesor atleast trying to

When we got home, we had 3 hours before our promised Star Wars movie night with popcorn for dinner and oreos and milk for dessert. Alaric said he wanted to wash the cars ( a first for us all). So, we got on swimsuits, got out the kiddie pool and got to work ( 85 degrees on March 20th-WTF?!?!)We scrubbed both cars

and did the bike and scooter too!

It was a gorgeous day and the perfect day to celebrate our favorite little 6 year old!!!

Alaric Arthur turns SIX- Happy Birthday Baby!

SIX years ago, our sweet Alaric Arthur Fulton was born at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago at 10:14 PM. He weighed 4 pounds and was 17 inches long...and perfect!
1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

4th Birthday

5th Birthday...last March. What a year its been!

April 2011

May 2011

June 2011

July 2011

August 2011

September 2011

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March 2012

Happy Birthday to our Jedi Knight! We love you, Bubba!