Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy 35th Birthday, Brian!

Brian is THIRTY FIVE! OLD FART! And I love him desperately! I've had the opportunity to appreciate life so much lately and March is a month we find ourselves celebrating the lives of people we love often.

I love this man. I love who he is and who he makes me. I love the daddy he is. The partner. The provider. My best friend. Sigh....Today I celebrate HIM!
Per Fulton Family Tradition, we start with Breakfast in Bed. All his favorites....Blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese, crispy bacon, Captain Crunch with crunchberries, orange juice, a banana, and coffee. You get it on the Fulton Family red plates- only used for someone celebrating AND the birthday candle. AND the birthday DUCK. All HUGE honors around here!

He loved it!

The kids, who did help make most of everything, sit on the floor and I sit with Bri in bed.

No buying gifts or cards in this fam. Making is what we do. So- the kids worked hard on their cards and explained every single detail to Daddy ( look at sweet Mara being so patient waiting for her turn).

Alaric had the idea this year of making Daddy's favorite candy bar- TAKE 5! So- yesterday morning we worked together to make these masterpieces that Brian loved! (recipe coming soon)

We laid around in bed together, sang silly song, had tickling contests, and laughed before Brian got ready to head to Chicago to spend the weekend with his best friend, Anthony!

Loved getting to kickoff our family birthdays today and loved spoiling him!

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