Monday, March 19, 2012


my parents and my brother and I went to Eureka today to meet with our family farm's farmer. We did have a nice visit with him and a great little family restaurant but we also got the chance to visit some of our family's land.

First to see my mom's lot at Lake Eureka
its all timbers but so pretty.

The neighbors own a little log cabin that used to belong to my mom's uncle. It was so nice to get to peek inside too!

Really beautiful-even on a dreary day.

Then we headed to my dad's farm. We drove out to the see most of the farm. And also to see the marker dad had put in the fields to commemorate it being Sam Bechtel's farm. This was actually the memorial plaque that was at his nursing home in the rose garden. When the rose garden became a new development, the sign was given to my dad. When the farm needed a property marker, it seemed like a good thing to put on the post. It really looks nice. And brings back the few memories of my grandpa, who died when I was in kindergarten.

The home my dad grew up in and the barns. Just beautiful! I have pictures of these barns on my walls in my living room.

My dad always says, "Eureka is a great place to be from" I'm glad to say that its a great place to visit too!

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