Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Weekend with Jack and V

We got the chance to have my neice and nephew, Veronica and Jack for two days. Mara and Bubba were thrilled! Since it was Monticello Spring Break, we went with other friends to Allerton Park for a day of running and playing and picnicing and more. It was wet but the kids didn't mind-they loved every second of it! Especially the mazes. I think Jack could have spent hours here.
Look at these sweeties in the Sunken Gardens!

Our spirited group!


We were chilled and muddy when we got home. What better solution than to put 4 kids under the age of 6 in the same small tub together. they LOVED it! They played and played and splashed while I scrubbed and washed and conditioned. Baths. Done!

These two are incredibly well trained with thier camera poses!

These two...not so much....but so damn cute!

After dinner we went for a walk around the block...which turned into a walk down the street, which ended us at Dairy Queen. YUM! The kids were so excited. They ate and ran around the square and helped Jack go up and down stairs over and over and held hands and giggled. Sweet Angels. So glad they get along so well!Pajama Party!!!

The next morning was bicycle riding

and more bicycle riding...until Dan and Jen came to get them!

And after naps ( which we all desperately needed...there are reasons why I never wanted more than 2), we did a training run for Bubba's 5K!

Such a fun weekend!

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