Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flying Dog Beer Tasting

As you all know, Brian and I much prefer to give things to do as gifts as opposed to things. And we prefer to receive that way as well...Dan and Jen know that so this year for our birthdays, they asked us to come over and share a Beer Dinner with them. All the courses has Flying Dog beer in them and each one was paired with a different Flying Dog beer.

it was amazing.

Dan had been working all week to get it organized and all get doing the prep. Well worth the work. Brian and I sat back and enjoyed each of the tremendous courses, each plated like they were on Top Chef and each delicious enough to share with royalty- really- that good. Asking for the recipe on all of them and would love to share with you!

The menu ( I got sauce on it 2 seconds after I got it)
Course #1: Mixed Greens with strawberries, blueberries, candied walnuts, and goat cheese crumbles. Served with Old Scratch Amber Lager Balsamic Vinegarette and paired with Old Scratch Amber Lager Beer

So pretty...I licked the plate! Goat cheese on anything is heaven!

Course #2: Grilled sausage. Jicama and Apple Slaw. Served with IPA Apricot Mustard. Paired with Snake Dog IPA

The sausage was incredible as was the mustard. Everything tastes better paired with beer!

Course #3: Grilled ground turkey skewers ( which he ended up turning into meatballs), couscous salad, hefeweizen tzatziki sauce. Paired with In Heat Wheat!

Loved the couscous! Couldn't get enough ( and the portions were HUGE) the sauce was amazing too!

Course #4: Chocolate Porter Cupcakes with a rasberry drizzle. Paired with Gonzo Imperial Porter.

TO DIE FOR! The picture doesn't do it justice. And honestly, the overall look didn't either. it had this crumble on top which kinda made the cupcake look dry but it was incredibly rich and moist and the crumbles were awesome. The rasberry drizzle made it even better and I could have had 4. I had 2 instead. And I LOVE porters!

Coursed meals are amazing because you sit around for 2 hours talking and anticipating your next course and its so fun! Catching up with Dan and Jen with NO KIDS made it even sweeter!

Thanks Dan and Jen!

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