Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alaric's Birthday!

happy 6th birthday, Bubba!!!

Spiderman Shaving Kit

Episode 4,5,6 and bonus DVD of Star Wars- his collection is complete!

Look how much I've grown in one year!!! More than 4 inches!

Shaving with daddy!

Although our kids often do get a store bought gift for their birthday, we also give them the gift of memories. We try and DO things together on their birthdays. This year we headed to Miller park Zoo in Bloomington. It was amazing! Really. I'm not sure who loved it more, the kids or us. It was incredible. I can't believe its open year round and has so many different animals for central il.Our shadow family!Eaglesme and my big boy!

The sea lion was amazing- worth the trip just for this!

The boys!

Red Panda

These frogs were so beautiful!

I SWEAR I didn't ask them to do this. Snuck up behind them as they were watching the monkeys!So glad my kids love each other, for now!

My everything!

The animal carousel was fun!

Then we surprised Bubba with a trip to Chuck E Cheese

We all had a blast playing gamesor atleast trying to

When we got home, we had 3 hours before our promised Star Wars movie night with popcorn for dinner and oreos and milk for dessert. Alaric said he wanted to wash the cars ( a first for us all). So, we got on swimsuits, got out the kiddie pool and got to work ( 85 degrees on March 20th-WTF?!?!)We scrubbed both cars

and did the bike and scooter too!

It was a gorgeous day and the perfect day to celebrate our favorite little 6 year old!!!

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The Buehnerkemper Family said...

What a fun day! Love it! And that picture of Alaric & Amara watching the monkeys is just priceless!