Saturday, June 30, 2012

Karate Camp- The Animals of Karate

Alaric had Karate Camp all week.  We were hesitant about sending him.  9 Hours of camp all week and really expensive ( for us).  But Alaric really wanted to do it and assured us he would work his hardest and stay focused and give it his all.  AND HE DID!

We sent him to the morning session and it only had 8 students ( the PM group had more than 30).  He was able to get TONS of individual attention and got to work with Sensai alot!  it was also rediculously hot and I cant imagine having 30 kids in a room with no AC.

he learned alot and had a blast.  Even got to go to a "sleepover" Friday night at the Karate place.  He stayed until 10:30!  What a great week it was!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Summer Do!

 Love this cute matter his hair ( but the Do is fun!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Staycation 2012

We are saving money for Disney in 2013 so instead of going away on a vacation, we decided to have a staycation.  Instead of our home, we chose the home of my best friend, Jenny...who has an amazing pool in her back yard.  We did something everyday but our favorite place to be was simply poolside, relaxing with our family!

Day #1...we arrived after dinner and headed straight to the pool.  Amara jumped off the diving board for the first time!
 I was double fisting it within minutes
 love this family vacation
 Day #2...poolside early! First time off the slide
 lots of floating
 and jumping too!
 we spent the evening at a Kane Co. Cougars game
 they had inflatables before the game- HUGE hit for our kids!

 It was a million degrees and we were HOT after the game.  We headed to an icecream shop and stuffed ourselves!
 Day #3...waterpark!  We spent the whole day at the waterpark 45 minutes from St. Charles.  It was so much fun.  And while Mara was too small for lots of the slides, Al could ride everyone and did!
 I think Amara did this one 5000 times ( seriously!)
 Love these waterbabies!
 We lounged some too!
 Fun in the sun
 Then we went bumper boating

 Go Carting
 and played lots of video games
 And we loved every second we got to spend with the Murrays....especially Michael!
 Day #4...Children's Museum.  We explored
 we created scenes in shadows
 Brian professed his love
 Not sure I can love these two men more
 We played and played and played
 Then we discovered the nearby Riverwalk and loved exploring it too!  Nothing sweeter than a Daddy and his Daughter!

 Look at these sweeties ( they never fought once on vacation)
 We did discover the Naperville pool and we can't wait to go back and actually swim there!
 Biggest find of the day....a place called Cookie Dough Dreams....8 flavors of cookie dough that they put ON TOP of your icecream.  WHAT!?  It was amazing!
 look at this!

 Then we headed into the city and went to Navy Pier to the ferris wheel
 The lighthouse
 The swings
 And the carousel!
 It was a such a fun day!
 We finished with dinner with Amara's Godfather Anthony and his wife AND aunt Anita!
 Day #5...We headed back to the burbs to enjoy our day at the pool.  We loved spending time with The Laharts too!
 And every extra second with Amara's Godmother, Aunt Jenny was precious!
 Amara had a blast with Hadley
 We had a half birthday party for some of the kids and celebrated Mara's birthday too!
 Day #6...our last morning.  We swam and swam and jumped and dived and slid and loved every second of it!
 We enjoyed all the time we got to spend as a family
 and lots of relaxing too....
 and playing and laughing and being silly and more!
When we got back to C-U we headed straight to the movies to see BRAVE in 3D- Amazing!  

What an incredible vacation.  Can't believe the next vacation we take will be to the Greatest Place on Earth!!!