Sunday, June 3, 2012

Brian's Half Marathon

Brian was so excited to get started on his Galesburg's 1st half Marathon!
and we were so excited to cheer him on. 
Run Daddy Run!  We saw him at mile 5
The kids loved making the signs and Alaric even wrote RACING HOME!
We were positioned in the middle of nowhere, country road.
The rest of the family gathered to cheer to and we were all ready to go when we saw Brian again at mile 9.
It was 85 degrees and I knew he wasn't in the best shape when he decided to stop and talk to us.  He never stops!  The heat was getting to him, the blacktop and direct sun was brutal.  Bri assumed he wouldn't meet his goal.  He told us at mile 9 that he was going to take it slow, enjoy himself, and see us at the finish!
and off he went!
Go Daddy Go!  We love you!
He did it!  And in 2 hours flat!  So proud of this man!
Our family Brian Races Home to!
His biggest fan!
Another medal to his wall.

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