Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Amara's 4th Birthday!

This is how we found her with her breakfast in bed
she loved her Bubba and the special card he made her.
Amara has been waiting very patiently for years to be like her Bubba and have a personalized pillow. he got his at 4 and so did she.  She LOVED it!
We also got her some Dora stuff but what she was most anticipating was finding out what we were going to DO ( while they do get one or two smaller gifts from us, we put the emphasis on DOING something really special on their birthday).  mara's surprise....  go to Wrigley!!!!!

This girl was THRILLED!!!! ( and so were we)
We are here!  Isn't it pretty?
That's a happy Cubs fan!
So, when we got the tickets, I reached out to a sorority sister who works for the Cubs.  I had NO expectations at all.  Thought maybe she's get a token gift or something because it was her birthday.  Nothing fancy.  NOPE.  Andrea got us down on the field before the game for about 10 minutes of picture taking and simply soaking up the Cubs glory.  It was amazing!
Such a fun experience!
And Amara could barely stand it when she found out Aunt Anita was coming with us too!
Thanks Andrea!  We are so grateful!
The Dugout!
A Happy 4 year old in her '4' chair!
Our wonderful neighbors gave each child $10 to spend at the ballpark.  The kids loved shopping before the game and being very careful about their purchases.  Alaric chose a Cubs claw...
and Amara chose a Cubs bat!  Thanks Jack and June!
We had great seats!
Daddy Daughter moments!
Anita loved her time with Bubba and Sissy
And the COOLEST thing...Andrea put a birthday message on the message board for Amara!!!!!
Buy me some peanuts and cracker Jacks....DONE
Love these Fultons!
Mara found a lucky peanut with 3 nuts inside!
To end the night, we stopped off at the Mall foodcourt for dinner of her choice and carousel rides!

Not a bad 4th birthday!

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