Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What a morning!

Its the day before her last day of school
I pick a cute shirt and capri leggins
I walk away and let her get dressed.  I plan on sandles. 
She comes out looking like THIS....
 And DAMN was she proud of herself!  She was NOT interested in taking them off.  I even offered candy at 7AM and NO LUCK!  We fight about clothes.  Probably once a week.  She has a very creative spirit and likes her clothes to reflect that.  I have a conservative, cutsie need for her.  MANY mornings, we compromise.  With the compromising, she have NEVER left the house with me feeling embarrassed about how she looked.  Some times I have to explain why she's wearing two different shoes or why she's wearing her PJ's but she has a reason,and we agreed to it.

I considered letting it go.  Is her HORRIBLE choice is socks the second to last day of school really going to affect anyone?  No.  I considered.  And then I decided to try the compromise route.  She would NOT take off the socks but agreed to totally change everything else.  Red and green and gold monkey socks are hard to match.  After 2 or 3 tries, we came up with this....
She exudes confidence and she loved every part of her outfit, even wearing knee socks with sorts in May!  Sigh.

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