Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bubba's First Peanut League Baseball Game

We've hit the big time-or big for Bubba!  He's now in Peanut league, which means the ball is coach pitched (after 5 pitches, they get out the T) , the kids are older, and there is more focus on the game.

Alaric and Brian practiced for awhile before the game and Bubba did well.  He doesn't have alot of natural ability for this game but knows how good it feels to hit that ball so we did all we could to make that happen (sometimes we had to talk about being a ninja but it worked)

He had 3 at bats and hit the ball himself 2 times ( used the T once)  
 He went for the ball a few times and even caught it and threw it to first.
 He was focused
 The bored
 Then focused again
 But was happy the whole was the first night of summer vacation, ya know!
 And most importantly, he got to be with his Daddy, playing ball!
Not a  bad start to this summer vacation!!!

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