Saturday, May 12, 2012

Alaric's First 5K!

Alaric decided a year ago at last year's Kirby Derby that he was going to train for the real race, not just the kids' race.  AND HE DID IT! 

Brian and I are beyond proud!  We even had t-shirts made!

 Look at that little boy...he's ready to go!
 My amazing family!
 The race was about to begin.  Alaric was nervous.  There were a TON of people.  We were in the back because we had a stroller. 
 As we approached our home, we could see all of Bubba's fans...first Jack and June.
 Then the granparents!  Can you see Bubba's sweet smile?  He's so excited to have people cheering him on!
 He ran the farthest he's ever run before he had to start.  More than 1.25 miles without a break.  He ran to the first water stop and our friends, The Parkers, were manning the station.  Made it extra sweet!

 Our friends were along the route to cheer Bubba on.  The Morrison Family
 The Haas'
 We were nearing the end.  Bubs had already taken a pit stop at the park for a poop ( he's so like his Daddy)  He was beginning to hurt.  Brian and I were doing all we could to keep him going.  And then the BEST thing happened....he saw his Karate Sensai just as he hit the 3 mile mark.  Sensai told him to run and that's just what he did!
Brian pushed him while I carried the camera and pushed the stroller.  Sorry for the wobbles!

his biggest fans were waiting for us!
 Look at this sweet boy!
 he finished!!!
 And in 46 minutes ( thats with a 3-4 minute  pit stop)
 Then it was the kid's race for Mara.  Unfortunately she was in a "mood" so Brian ran with her ( Brian the saint)
 Alaric ran too and his biggest fan ( his classmate's little brother) loved taking a picture with Alaric
 Alaric's teacher, Mrs. Elliot, came to support Alaric ( and a few other classmates!)
 What better way to celebrate Alaric than with Mexican!
it was an ABSOLUTELY amazing day!  My sweet 6 year old accomplished a fitness goal MANY never will.  He's ready for his next race and we are so proud to be his parents!  Love you BUBBA!

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