Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kirby Derby 10K and Kids Race!

Today was RACE DAY! Kirby Hospital's KIRBY DERBY! This year both Brian and I did the 10K and the kids had their first ever race too!

It was COLD- like 50 degrees. It was raining. And honestly, I wasn't that excited. I ran 6 miles to prepare the Monday before but had taken the whole week off to rest my foot for the run. It still hurt. Maybe even worse. I was more excited about watching the kids' race than I was about participating in my own. And that was my motivation-get done before the kids' race!

The kids on the other hand were CRAZY excited! And it was contagious. They couldn't believe they got to participate too. And they were so thrilled last night when we picked up our race packets and they got their own backpacks, own t-shirts, AND a free cone from Mc Donalds!

My parents came to watch the kids and get them in position to watch the race and we were off!

Our neighbor, Lori, ran the 10K too and it was fun to run the first mile together ( she ran much faster than me)

OUr family could stay in the same place and see us twice before they headed to the pavillion!

Brian did the 10K in 44 minutes and 29 seconds!!! He was flying! Because our race was 13 minutes late getting started, the second he crossed the finish line, he had to go immediately to the Kids' Race and didn't get much recovery timeThere was a little kids race and a big kids race. Mara enjoyed stretching and getting ready

And they were off!!! Go Mara Go!She was so proud of herself and her first medal!

They loved seeing their good freinds, Addison and Aubree!

Then it was Al's turn- RUN LIKE THE WIND, ALARIC!!!So cute!I missed the Kids' Race because I was running SLOWLY! I didn't reach my goal time but I finished in 63 minutes. The race was hard for me. I'm not sure why. I've run farther faster. I even tried to run faster but like I said, I wasn't that excited and for whatever reason, I couldn't get my ass moving. I did love the challenge however and was so proud of my hubby and my neighbor who took lots of pictures of the kids so it was like I was there ( they know me so well)Alaric says he wants to do the 5K with us next year....we'll see!

The kids loved seeing friends at the race too that were also running. Like Emmie...

and RicheyWe got home and Mara loved being like her daddy and continuing to stretch

What a great really got even better....we cleaned the carport out in the rain with the kids, took a 2 hour nap, played board games, and just hung out. Not bad for a Saturday!

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