Saturday, May 28, 2011

The LOVE Boat!

Our friends had a LOVE BOAT/Tropical Themed party tonight and it was great to get together!
Even an ice sculpture to commemorate this child-free night was created!

Many dressed the part in Hawaiian shirts but Brian ( the Captain) and Sean ( Isaac) topped them all!

There was nothing tropical about the was rainy and chilly but we still stayed outside much of the night. And when I asked this group to huddle up for a picture, this is what I got....

Obviously not many sorority girls in this group! I had to direct them to get this pretty shot!

We actually wore our honeymoon outifts from 7 years ago!

What a great group of friends!

Brian and I headed home to relieve the babysitter at 10Pm but friends were still up and partying well after 1AM!

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