Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Alaric goes to KINDERGARTEN!!

Today was Alaric's first day of Kindergarten!!! Not really but kinda!

I am a Kindergarten Aide at St. Matthew Catholic School in Champaign. The three Kindergarten teachers offered to have Alaric come for a morning and practice being a kindergartender. He was so excited.

He even put on his little private school uniform this morning!
he fit right in and got to work. He looked just like them, even taller than some of the boys.

He had a partner for calendar time in Mrs. Rossi's class.

He even shared some of his writing work with the class.

In Mrs. Crawford's class he and some new friends enjoyed reading in the barn!

He also shared some of what he knew about ocean life.He was captain during Reading Group times and did a great job staying on task and working together independently on his projects.It was ALOT of writing and ALOT of reading and he kept saying things like, " all they do is write everything" Big awakening that an end of the year kindergartener is WAY different than a beginning of the year kindergartener! SO, we took a break from some of the work and explored on the computers.

he got to have a few minutes of rest time on the mats in Mrs. Feeney's class and the children all wanted to be near him.

Then my parents dropped Mara off to have lunch with us and the kids went crazy for that little thing....they couldn't wait to show her their butterfly garden!and show her books from their library!

The kids ate lunch with me in the teacher's lounge so my friends could see them and then my parents picked both up to head back for some naptime.

What a busy morning! Alaric did amazing and is definately ready for kindergarten! What fun!

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