Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last Day of Little Sages Preschool!

Today was the kids' last day of Little Sages Preschool. For the past 8 weeks they have gone to the High School from 12-1 every M-Th to play games, have a craft, read books, and sing songs. It's been an absolutely WONDERFUL experience for all of us ( I made some new friends too!)

A few kids and some of their student teachers!
Every day before or after preschool, we would climb up on this ramp and the kids would jump off into my arms, pretending to be superheroes flying ( shocking, right?)

Today lots of kids climbed with us!

What a wonderful first introduction to preschool for Mara!

Al was such a pro but a great example to his sister! AND- the last theme they focused on....SUPERHEROES!! Al was in heaven!

We have news on what's to come for Amara's preschool experience next year. More details to come. Check back.

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