Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm retired!

Yup, it's true! Today was my last day ever at St. Matthew Catholic School, where I've been teaching since January 2002! I'm sad. Really sad. While I've only been working there once a week for the past two years, it has been my favorite role and I have loved every Tuesday being at my school with my friends having a blast.

After much discussion, Brian and decided that I really need to focus my attention on getting my name in the Monticello district so next year I will try to sub once a week instead of driving to Champaign to work.

What a wonderful school-they have been a tremendous support for my family over the past 9 years and we are forever grateful!

The past two years I have had the honor and priviledge to work for the 3 best kindergarten teachers ever! I mean it. These three ladies...Mrs. Rossi, Mrs. Feeney, and Mrs. Crawford are by far, the best kindergarten teachers I've ever seen. Their creativity is amazing, their devotion to their jobs and their students is commendable, and their work ethic, energy, and ability to do whatever it takes to make sure their students are getting the best education possible AND having an absolute BLAST is a joy to witness! I have loved every single Tuesday serving as a kindergarten aide and I will not just miss my job but my time with my 3 dear friends. We laughed ALOT and I am forever grateful to these ladies for showing me what kindergarteners, moms, and teachers are capable of!

And then my sweet husband suprised me by bringing me home the most stunning roses to celebrate my "retirement"! WOW, I'm lucky!

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The Buehnerkemper Family said...

Happy Retirement! I didn't know you made that decision! WOW!