Monday, May 30, 2011

Amara's Birthday!

When you turn 3 in the Fulton house, you get breakfast in bed for the first time for your birthday and Amara was most excited going to bed Sunday night about that. But when we went to wake her this morning, it was the last thing on her mind....he was sound asleep and took quite a bit of convincing to get up.
But finally she woke

And our smiley birthday girl emerged!

Look at her pink sprinkles mustache! Sprinkles on toast- special treat!

Our kids get one gift from us and then get things to do together. This year, we made Amara a hoola hoop!

We measured her on the wall- she grew more than an inch since March!!

Another big thing today was Mara got to have her toenails painted for the first time! Grammy and Papa gave her her first nailpolish yesterday and they picked well....super light pink with sparkles! She loved it!

We went on a long bike ride and then headed to Bubba's school to play!

Mara and Daddy flew a kite together!

Alaric showed Daddy the peas he planted in his school's garden.

Then we packed up and headed to Clinton Beach for the day! Clinton Lake is only about 20 minutes away and has a great beach! Other than the fact that it was WINDY and we were being pelted by the sand at times, it was a perfect day and we had a blast!

We played in the water lots

and played in the sand even more!

Everyone ( except me) got buried!

No birthday would be complete without a special treat! Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! I hope you had fun today!

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The Buehnerkemper Family said...

What a great birthday! How exciting she got breakfast in bed! I love the toes painted! I can't wait to see them! We'll have to go to Clinton Lake together some time! We'd love that! Happy Birthday sweet Amara!