Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pinkalicious! Amara's 3rd Birthday Party

What a perfectly Pinkalicious Party today was for Amara! It started with Grammy giving her a very sweet little cupcake necklace. She LOVES it!

Happy Birthday Amaralicious!

I made cupcakes to look like the ones in the book...PINK PINK PINK! and borrowed my neighbor's homemade cupcake stand to display! my mom also made two beautiful flower arrangements with geraniums in painted pink pots to kinda look like cupcakes!

My mom made Amara's personal cake to look like a huge cupcake. She squeeled with delight!

Each friend that arrived, Amara hugged and was so excited. She had been waiting for this PINK party to happen for weeks!

No guest was more honored than her favorite person in the world, her cousin Veronica!

For our parties, we ask that children do not bring individual gifts and rather help us participate in a service project. Because of the pink theme, we went with Breast Cancer. We set out a small tree we had decorated with pink ribbons and let the kids and parents clip and dollars or checks they had for Mills Breast Cancer Institute to the tree. We then had a pink bucket for friends to dump any spare change in.Mara loved her money tree and loved helping guests clip their money on it. We talked over and over about what the money was going towards and she loved to be able to share that her money tree was going to help people with sick boobies. HA!

I was so excited to see that my nephew was dressed in pink too- GO JACK!

Daddy and his Pink Sweetie!

Our guests received little baggies full of marshmellow cupcakes.

It was one of my favorite birthday projects ever. I had so much fun making these little things and they were really easy and SO darling.

We began by introducing the book ( since some hadn't read it) and talking about magic and using your imagination.

Then each child collected 3 pieces of hard candy from a bucket and went out into the field and "planted" their candy.

They needed to find their special place for it and pretend "water" it and wait to see what happened to it during the party.

We read the book together and then talked about our service project for breast cancer. Amara decided she wanted to do something to make the sick people feel better so we made coffee filter flowers. They are so easy and really beautiful! Each kid simply used water colors and painted a couple of coffee filters. Then we attached a pipe cleaner. DONE!

The kids really loved paintingEven the adults came dressed in pink. Like Nana, Aunt Marcy, and Papa!

then it was time for Pin the Cupcake on Pinkalicious. I used an overhead projector at work to create this beautiful little, lifesized girl. All the guests had to see if they could get the cupcake in Pinkalicious' hand.

Look at these pink cuties!

Don't forget Jack!

Amara couldn't WAIT to eat her yummy huge cupcake! Finally, we headed back to the field to see what happened to our "seeds". Sure enough, the seeds had grown!!!! Everywhere you looked in the field, whereever a seed had been planted their was a beautiful candy ( and paper) flower in it's place. The kids ran all over trying to find 3 flowers they wanted just for them! It was cute to see their faces light up and see that something had actually happened.

Mara handed her first batch to me so she could get more!
And Jack was devasted to see the party come to an end!There is nothing better than seeing your angel happy....and Happy was our Mara today!

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