Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

What a beautiful day it was! Brian made us all breakfast and everyone gave me their cards.

Me and my sweeties!

We picked Grammy's favorite flower, Lilies of the Valley, from the garden and suprised her when she arrived at churchInstead of fighting the crowds at local restaurants, we brought food to church and enjoyed it together in the fellowship hall ( baby Jack was sick so Dan brought V over for a few but Jen and Jack had to stay home)

Each year, the kids get their pictures taken together for Grammy. This was the first year with all 4 kiddos and they did so well. The picture is beautiful!

Proud Grammy!

She loves being a Grandma!

After church we came home and spent the whole day in the yard working and it was so fun! We got alot done and had a great time doing it. And we finished Mother's Day at Jack and Junes with the neighbors enjoying snacks and drinks with good friends!

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