Saturday, May 21, 2011

Its a PAWty!

The kids and I left after Katie's first basketball game to go to the joint birthday part of our dear neighbors, Stella and Sylvia. They, along with a few other friends from school with May birthdays decided to have a picnic together with a dog and cat was a PAWty and it was SO cute!

Here are sweet Stella and Sylvia-now 6 and 4!
All the friends lined up to see what the activities would be

There was collar making, face painting, dog/cat ear hats, pin the tail on the dalmation, throwing frisbees, and more.

Alaric's favorite was getting to pick am animal out of the "pound" ( laundry basket) and adopt him. They even got to make their own adoption certificate.

No gifts. Just a dog bowl to put spare change and donations for the local animal shelter!

Look at these sweet little dogs and cats!

They were noisy though! And Alaric was alittle rough but what sweet dogs and cats!

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