Sunday, May 22, 2011

Super Fun Whirlwind Birthday/Basketball Weekend!

Wow we were busy this weekend! Brian's parents and cousin came into town Friday night so she could compete in AAU b-ball tournaments on campus Saturday.

We all headed to her first game at 8AM and loved watching her.
The kids were very engaged the whole time...partially, I'm sure because we were so close to the edge of the court that the girls kept throwing balls or themselves at us.

Grandpa and Alaric love being together

We were all so proud of cousin Katie!

I took the kids to a birthday party ( see post) while the rest stayed for another one of Katie's games and then in the afternoon, Amara's Godfather Anthony came to visit!

We broke him in by playing silly Dr. Suess games

And he loved giving Mara her gifts...her favorite was a new Pinkalicious sticker book!!!

Saturday night we had 14 people at our home for dinner and hanging out in the yard and we all loved it! The kids love their cousins and any chance they could get to jump or crawl or tackle Tyler they did.

Katie and Mara enjoy some snuggly time before bed!

Then Sunday morning, everyone who didn't sleep over, came back to our house for Breakfast and Mara showed her Great Gram and aunts her money tree. They all clipped money to it for breast cancer.

One thing Brian's family is good at is talking and we did LOTS of that. It was so great to catch up with everyone.Mara got to open up her gifts from Nana and Grandpa before her party and her very favorite, and most special was a matching outfit set that Nana had made for Mara and her Bitty Baby! It is precious!Mara showed Uncle Anthony that she too can be a Transformer!

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