Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alaric's Last Day of School! Bye Bye Preschool...Hello Kindergarten!

Today was Alaric's last day of school! What a tremendous year it has been. Sending him to Small Wonders was the best decision we could have made for him and he had so much FUN this year learning a ton and doing some creative projects, meeting new friends, and getting to be at his elementary school too!

We made coffee filter flowers together Tuesday night for end of the year gifts. Alaric made a card for his teachers that said, "Thanks for helping me Bloom"
They turned out beautifully and everyone who recieved them loved them!

Look at this big boy! Doesn't he look like a Kindergartener?

And his very loved teachers, Mrs. Donovan and Mrs. Munster!

Alaric was so excited after school and with tradition, we headed to McDonalds for icecream and tons of playtime!

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