Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Backyard Bug Adventure at Grammy & Papa's!

Grammy and Papa hosted one of thier annual Themed Parties today and it was Backyard Bug Adventure!

It started in the garage with digging for, and observing plastic bugs in the sand.
Then Grammy read the kids a story

They loved being at Grammy & Papa's!

Over to the deck to beat some Oreos and turn them into dirt dessert!

Oreos and Pudding and Gummy Worms- a winning combination!

Veronica works hard to get the Ants on a Log she just made into her mouth!

And Jack had ladybugs...cherrios!

The kids shared with Grammy....

and Papa too!Then they got their bug catchers and magnefying glasses and went looking for bugs.

They found bugs by digging in the dirt by the playhouse!

Sweet little Jack just sat in the grass and explored.And then the kids explored him!

Grammy loves her Grandbabies!It was swimming time and everyone got to swim ( Grammy & Papa got Jack his own baby pool)

But since my kids can't seem to get enough of their cousin, they all spent some time in the baby pool together.

Are you kidding me? Could this kid get any cuter?Then we headed inside for some caterpiller cupcakes made just for V, Al, and Mara by Grammy!

and everyone enjoyed some leftover gummy worms, even Uncle Dan!

Thanks Grammy & Papa for hosting such a fun afternoon of cousins, bugs, yummy snacks, and more! We love you!

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