Friday, June 24, 2011

TV Turn Off Week-Tour De Parks!

This week has been TV TURN OFF WEEK! We decided months ago to do it and thought this would be the best week since the kids had summer camp! Its been a week filled with fun and lots of play and not ONE fuss about the TV- not ONE! I can't believe it. No TV for the kids means no TV for us too and other than Brian not being able to watch Sports Center in the morning when he works out, it's been easy for us too. We watch very little TV at all so it was fine and we get up at 4Am every morning and are so exhausted by 9PM, that it didn't change our lives too much at all.
We did decide to do a special project this week- TOUR De Parks! We went to a different park in C-U each day this week for a picnic lunch. The kids LOVED it and I did too. There are no parks that weren't around when I was growing up and its so special to re-discover things through your kids.

Day 1-Monday- Zahnd Park

Tons of slides, pavilion, near the baseball fields

and monkey bars! This is where Alaric took on the personal challenge of being able to go on the Monkey bars so I am forever grateful to Zahnd Park!

Day 2-Tuesday-Scott Park

Huge park near campus...that meant Daddy got to join us so that was a huge bonus. Beautiful play structures, lots of spinny things, a water feature,

Spider webs,

And a creek with a bridge that runs through it!

Day 3-Wednesday-Westside Park

This parks has tons of grassy space. The kids thought it was the biggest park they'd ever seen.

The play structures were great.

It was beautifully fenced in

Had this awesome fountain the kids threw coins into

and they LOVED the swings. I saw the playground through their eyes today and I loved it!

Westside also had monkey bars that Alaric KILLED! he was amazing! Check out the video below!.

Day 4-Thursday-Meadowbrook Park

THis is one of the incredible community built wood parks and its amazing! So cool just to walk around and explore.

THose are Alaric's toes while he was on the swings. You can get lost in a place like this.

This was the only park with a tire swing and my kids adored it!

Day 5-Friday-The Oasis at First Christian Church

Its an indoor playground and really is an Oasis-especially in the winter when all your kids want to do is run and play! Since it was cold today, we headed here.

They have tables for picnics, tons of things for all ages, a track around the outside for walking, clean bathrooms-you can't beat it!
I'm so lucky that for now my kids play so well together!

The track around the outside looks like a city street with a firetruck and more!What a great week!

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